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Top 10(11) Songs: Month of March 2016

Lots of LP's, EP's and Singles were released this month. Some of it was good, others mediocre and the rest a waste of my time but these are some of the songs that stood out the most to me from all of the music I crammed into myself. There are other songs that came out that I liked but didn't make the cut as well as songs I haven't listened to yet. Regardless, this is my list.

Jay Park - The Truth Is
I was excited to hear that Jay was going to be releasing an R&B song as a single. All of 2015 was Hip Hop and I loved it but all of us were missing the singing. Well he gave us what we wanted with this and another song. The Truth Is is a song where he admits to be bad in the relationship as well as that he still love her even though he won't admit it. The lyrics are far from cheesy as he inserts witty lines as well as heartfelt lines unique to his situation. This man really had me in my feelings The beat is produced by Groovy Room who had produced In This Bitch from his album Worldwide. The beat is a Hip Hop song that is complementary to Jay's voice. It's a pretty solid song that I can't put down.

Jay Park - All I Wanna Do
Jay and Cha Cha released  great song just in time for Spring and Summer. All I Wanna Do is a fun and upbeat song about a guy wanting to fuck and spend time with a girl. Jay sung all in English with an English rap  towards the end of the song. This song is just what was needed to spice up March and the rest of the year. Cha Cha killed the beat of course. Can't wait for both of their future projects.

Sumin - I Get Hot
Sumin is an indie R&B artist under Luv Jones Records. She released her first EP earlier this month called Beat and Go To Sleep. The whole EP is good but this song here is my favorite. I don't have the lyrics but the song is amazing. I'm guessing its about how she gets hot when or about her guy. The song features singer Soulman and his voice, and hers, is complimented by the sheer sound of the beat.The beat is my favorite part. Its definitely new age R&B. Sumin is a good singer, song writer and producer. Listen to her music because she is good. Her instagram in Suminismm.

Fiestar - Thirsty
This is that idol sex song I wanted but with actual lyrics about fucking not just lines that refer to it. I'm glad Fiestar gave it to us because their voices and style suited it so much. It wasn't out of place nor cheesy. The lyrics are pretty decent and the beat is the real selling point. I really wish it was longer though. I needed a full verse of Yezi throwing evocative yet provocative slurs at me to rest my soul in heaven. Despite my horrible imagination, this song and the album are great. Check out the review here.

Lee Hi - Official
I am in love with this song. Lee Hi and Incredivle rap and sing as a couple that took ages to make things official. I love the chorus because the lyrics, voice and beat are so fucking in sync. Whenever she belts, the beat catches that shit and does the same. Incredivle did a great job on the rapping. His voice was perfect for the beat. The only thing I wish for this song was one more verse for Lee Hi but the song is still good. Catchy as hell.

Dean - 21/Bonnie and Clyde
21 was the best song to end the album with. It's so upbeat and catchy. It leaves you on a good note after the previous songs that are about heartbreak and love issues even though they danceable as well. Bonnie and Clyde is a song that basically explains itself but it definitely takes a darker tone towards the end of the song. I love this song so much because of the beat and the way he sings it. The entire album is amazing and I can not stop listening to it. It was hard trying to pick just these two.

Penomeco - Ma Fam
Why do I like Penomeco's latest song Ma Fam? Well that is simple, the beat is sick as fuck. That bass and the transitions, this shit is fire. I also like the lyrics because its a bout a guy saying fuck all the bullshit and drama, just catch me riding with my fam. It s a party song, a turn up song, and a song you listen to when you're driving with your fam. This song is an anthem that will be played for all eternity.

Scandal - Love Me Do
The auto tune on Haruna's voice during the chorus is amazing. It was just right to match the pace of the song without over doing it. The instrumental is just so uplifting as well. Its a great song to dance to and let loose. Its also very cute. I would have been disrespectful to not have on single song from their YELLOW album on here. Sunday Drive and Morning Sun are amazing as well.

Silent Siren - Love Install
This song is pretty cute. Silent Siren is a Japanese Female Pop Rock band and I usually don't go for the bands with a high pitched lead singer or a sound that seems more for young adults but this song here is my jam. The beat is pretty different from their usual style and that drew me in. The lead's voice does not annoy me at all. This song is really cool because it reminds me of a song that could have been on a Bleach soundtrack. I fucks with this song a lot.

Babymetal - Karate
How can you guys not like this sick ass song. Babymetal came back and gave us a great banger. It's different from the usual stuff. They're definitely going for a more concise sound that fits their overall image. This song perfect for it. Can you feel the murderous intent when you listen to this song even though the lyrics aren't about death? It's actually about fighting on no matter what but a good death sound goes great with that. Either way, this song goes hard and has been on repeat since it came out.

Red Velvet - Cool Hot Sweet Love
This is the best song from the album in my opinion. You can check out my review here. This song is a mix of the Velvet and the Red. It's a song I can dance to as well as being a nice R&B song. The lyrics are really good and the beat is out of this world. Imagaine Fiestar with a song like this and Red Velvet with Thirsty. Nonetheless Cool Hot Sweet Love is sweetly cool with me. Going into my top Red Velvet song list.

Songs that didn't make the cut
Hyosung - So Good, Dear Moon
Oh My Girl - 1 Step, 2 Step
Silent Siren - Hikari
Scandal - Sunday Drive

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