Hinata VS Sakura: The Winner is Obviously Hinata. (my thoughts) *Spoilers*

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What'ts up my fellow Blerds? I thought it would be a great time to finally rant to you about an important debate regarding an important anime. Who is the better lead heroine, who is stronger of the two and last but not least who is better to end up with Naruto when the series is over (provided he and Sasuke don't...yanno). Anyways this will be split up into a couple parts so bare with me. Also disclaimer...if you're a huge Sakura fan I respect that, but this might cause some butthurt. Also this is more Shippuden focused but some points from part 1 will be brought up.

Hinata Hyuga : Member of the main branch of the Hyuga family, and part of team Kurenai. Possessor of the Byakugan kekkei genkai. A shy girl, who looks down on herself constantly in Part 1 who grows because of Naruto into a strong willed girl, who has her own ninja way who not only believes in her peers, but also grows to belief in herself.

Sakura Haruno: Part of the Haruno family...which does.....idk, they do floral arrangements? I don't effing know. Anyways she is part of team 7 alongside Naruto. A very strong willed, medical ninja. Sakura was very knowledgeable ninja from the get go and has grown to not be as much of a push over as she was in part 1, especially with the training from Tsunade.

Hinata: okay real talk, Hinata has a lot going for her in appearance, while in part 1 I personally considered her fairly cute, but she didn't really have much leverage over Sakura, besides her fair skin. I just deemed her personality better and showed promising growth. However, Part 2 shes grown, more....womenly so to speak, she let her hair grow longer, but still keeping the hime haircut. Also shockingly enough but not that surprising...HINATA'S GOT BOOBS. They have been playing on that a little more in the anime I've noticed...of course that's not the important thing but, it helps.
I mean...look at her. (you're welcome)

Sakura: hmmm well in part one her and Hinata had equal footing, but in part 2 uh..not a lot going for Sakura, her normal outfit isn't really that flattering, and her large forehead is still noticeable. She doesn't really have much of a figure either. As a matter of fact all her peers aside from Ten Ten....which idk shes not really that relevant herself is has blossomed haha. I see you Ino. Anyways idk I honestly prefer her part 1 appearance, she just looks awkward to me. I'm sorry....like I said she does have nice eyes I will give Sakura that but honestly she should of grown her hair out again.

Sakura isn't smacked or ugly but....

Hinata is packing heat.

Personality and Growth

Hinata: Hinata is shy and gentle. She just wants to make sure she does her best and doesn't get in the way half the time. I'm not gonna lie it took a little bit for Hinata grow on me, like she was too shy, and oh man when Naruto was around....sheesh (that's coming up) but I respect her for being gentle and caring towards all of her comrades. Although her growth is tremendous, since standing up to Neji and gaining confidence in her self. Hinata deserves applause for her growth. 

Sakura: Cha....ok look Sakura just striked me as a bitch at first, that's personality was no more than to be Sasuke's know it all cheerleader. She did however start to show promising change when she realized that she was pretty useless compared to her team 7 peers. I will say this, when she's not being fiery and beating Naruto around. She has had her moments of kindness and she does look out for his best interest. Also when it was just her trying to take care of the injured Naruto and Sasuke during the chunin exams...she was on some hood shit. Sakura has grown too while still being a courageous and fiery girl ninja, shes become less self centered and that is worth mentioning.

Hinata: Okay chick has the Byakugan, she can see great distances, having an almost 360 degree coverage of sight. She can see through solid walls and  most barriers, basically telescopic eyes. She also has the ability to see a person's chakra flow network. She can use the gentle fist technique which means she can fuck up your insides and make it so you're not able to even use justsu. Not to mention she has that eight trigrams on her side...shit man.
See right through you

Sakura: Okay, so while Sakura was only basically good at being able to exert decent chakra control, and dispelling jutsu. However after training under Tsunade, she can use insane strength to level a battlefield. She has an incredibly high intelligence that is worthy of being noted since the early days. She is a highly advanced medical ninja able to heal most injuries inflicted on her or her comrades. She is able to summon Katsuyu the giant slug to provide health to multiple targets and the strength of a hundred seal being able to store chakra to use at a later time.

Just don't get punched by Sakura

Who would win in a fight: Okay okay you guys might think that I'm just gonna say Hinata for each thing, and while yes I honestly think she would win in a fight against Sakura. Although Sakura is physically stronger, Hinata can just evade all her attacks with her ocular jutsu. Then she can counter with some gentle fist moves preventing Sakura from being able to heal herself and whoop that butt from the inside out.

Relationship with Naruto

Hinata: Okay so while most people at first glance would just say that Hinata is just Naruto's shy fan, she's much more than that. She was one of the few people to accept and grow from Naruto in the early on stages. She's developed her own ninja way, based off of his. She wanted to better herself, to be the best ninja she could be just as he wanted to be the best ninja. She does love Nartuo, I mean without a shadow of a doubt Hinata is madly in love with him and wants to stand by his side. She has been ready to lay her life on the line for him multiple times. Like when Pain had him on the ropes and she stood in his way, and confessed her love for him. Then literally moments after the TenTails killed Neji and Obito broke Naruto emotionally for a bit. Who literally slaps sense in him and tells him to have faith in his friends, that are fighting and putting it all on the line for him, and to not let Neji's death be in vain.

Sakura: well Naruto had a crush on her from the get go (honestly don't see why). She was...well to say the least an asshole to Naruto at the start, eventually when team 7 grew closer she started to develop a bond with him. I'ts safe to say that they both use each other as a support system to cope with Sasuke leaving the village. Sakura does put it on Naruto to bring Sasuke back with her whole request of a lifetime thing but although he wants to bring him back for Sakura, Naruto wants to do it for himself. Sakura in my own opinion see's Naruto as a brother. She doesn't simply hug him after Pain's attack but has to punch then hug him(she punches him alooooot). The main thing I wanted to point out is when Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him but lies about it to get him to stop worrying about Sasuke...like she lied to his face and he even pointed that out. She cares about him don't get me wrong just..super tough love...that of which can be compared to his mother Kushina.

Conclusion: Sorry I know this is me ranting and I've upset Sakura fans I'm sure. Sakura shouldn't be considered the lead girl in Naruto, at all. Sakura and Naruto are more like brother and sister and shouldn't be paired as NaruSaku. Sakura is plain, nothing exceptional, no growth, barely any skills. Hinata should be credited as the main female lead in the series. She has actual character depth, she's the most appealing in both personality and looks, her abilities are the best out of any of the other females from the leaf, and her support for Naruto is rivaled by only his parents and God father. Hopefully you end up with Naruto when the war is all said and done, I'm rooting for you girl, you've come a long way.

Good luck Hinata

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Hinata VS Sakura: The Winner is Obviously Hinata. (my thoughts) *Spoilers* Hinata VS Sakura: The Winner is Obviously Hinata. (my thoughts) *Spoilers* Reviewed by Unknown on Thursday, November 06, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. This was a great post. I agree that Hinata should be the lead female and end up with Naruto.

    1. fgstsfdyjryjrdfgxfg im fucking speachless, you fucking biased hinatards...
      OK, sorry for that, i just can't understand how some people cAN BE THIS BLIND...At the end Sakura is said to be stronger than Tsunade, but acording to this post-stating that Hinata is stronger than Tsunade... now doesn't that sound retarded.
      think of how Hinata would be like if she was the lead female:
      + She would have needed to be saved as much if not more than Sakura ever did.
      + Without Sakura the. whole. fucking. shinobi. force would have been killed (well, not all but most)
      + Hinata is quiet, cool headed and can't seam to do anything...(usefull)
      + With Hinata being in team Kakashi, the only one who cares that much about Sasuke would be NARUTO, the only thing Hinata cares about is NARUTO. While Sakura cared so much and trained so much just to bring Sasuke back.
      + Hinata isn't as intelligent as Sakura, she can't use any medical jutsu, and she often gets saved by other people. She wouldn't be able to save Naruto when he is dying right in front of her eyes (in thwe ninja war)
      + And she didn't even bother to think before running into the battle field knowing that she could have done nothing. The only thing she did was awaken the bijuu in Naruto, that could have gone really bad... but im tired now...

    2. Umm nothing useful...
      You gotta be kidding me? What the heck?
      She is very useful
      She is a HYUGA!
      They are supposed to be above the uchihas as byakugan is stronger than sharingan but sasukes stronger....
      But she is very strong as well
      She can now defeat sakura
      And naru hina is cannon and they freaking have kids so stop shipping narusaku
      It aint gonna happen!
      Its like shipping lucy and gray and natsu and lissana, not gonna happen
      Nalu and Gruvia and naruHina and SasuSaku, done!
      And dont forget Himawari she is a hyuga and knocked naruto and kurama out, and scared boruto she shows the hyuga traits!

    3. Just cause hinata is a hyuga it doesn't mean shat it is just like saying since boruto is hinatas son he should have the byakugan but he doesn't and he was never saying that naruto and sakura is gonna happen

    4. Sakura was a hyuga heiress.She never played her part.If Hinata was ever on team Kakashi she would only care bout one person and never get anything done.I don't hate hinata or anything but she was barely seen through-out the show when she wasn't with or seen stalking Naruto.She tried to protect Naruto once and failed terribly.Even when Sakura failed to protect Naruto and Sasuke she held the enemy back long enough.Lets be real if Naruto was the one who wen't rouge don't you think Hinata would be acting exactly like Sakura?

    5. what kind of drugs

  2. (Sorry in advance for any spelling errors/issues) I don't really agree. This posts reminds me of why Sakura gets so much hate, the reason being she gets in the way of shipping. I feel like that is completely ridiculous! When talking about liking characters, you should consider the character. Then you can contemplate shipping! My next few reasons are probably going to be jumbled but whatever. First of all, saying Sakura is a bitch to Naruto is false. For the first few episodes she was, but after a while she punches him whenever he is being perverted or trying to fight someone that she knew would kill him. She has a reason for hurting him and usually ends up preventing him from doing something stupid. And I think it's really narrow-minded and kind of sexist that one of the reasons you like Hinata more than Sakura is because of her looks. If you bothered to look in the manga, you would realize that Sakura has boobs and curves and is actually quite pretty. And so what if she doesn't grow her hair out. The reason she cut it was to get away from an enemy, and its shortness symbolizes her resolve to become a better ninja. So yeah, saying Sakura should grow her hair out for the sake of being prettier shows that you obviously didn't pay attention to the anime or manga. The whole reason I 'm even bothering to argue this post is because of this, " Sakura is plain, nothing exceptional, no growth, barely any skills. Hinata should be credited as the main female lead in the series. She has actual character depth, she's the most appealing in both personality and looks, her abilities are the best out of any of the other females from the leaf," Umm.... excuse me! Sakura had a shit ton of growth! Did you miss the whole series?! She has tons of skills, but a lot of people overlook them because of the fact that she is a medic-nin and isn't constantly trying to kill people! And saying that Hinata has the best personality, looks, and skills compared to the other kunoichi in the leaf is definitely an opinion and not entirely true. When talking about skill compared to the other kunoichi, try to keep in mind that she was literally born with magic eyes that give her 360 vision. Almost all the other kunoichi had to deal with being regular and trying to improve their skills. And Hinata is even shown to not be very good with Byakugan, when we are shown in episodes that Hanabi and Neji were far above her in skill level. But back to character depth. Once again... umm excuse me! Do you mean character depth as in the ability to only fight seriously when Naruto is concerned? If you do, then she has an overwhelming amount of character depth! I count character depth as developing as a character, having to fight to improve themself. Obviously Sakura has character depth, thank you very much. And although I ship NaruHina, I don't count that as a legitimate excuse to hate on Sakura or consider her not worthy enough to be the female lead, or to indirectly oppose NaruSaku shippers. I don't see why you don't get WAY more hate, because I have seen people mention not liking Sakura and instantly argued with. I know this is just you ranting and everyone has their opinions, but I'm entitled to the right to express my opinion. And my opinion is that this post is stupid and not true and entirely biased.

    1. this late but good points good points, no I've watched and read the entire series. I just don't see much out of Sakura I actually liked her at first, she was very commendable after the whole chunin exams but, just didn't see anything major out of her after which was disappointing. I'm still waiting for her to actual Impress me, which didn't happen until the Ninja War which was short lived. Even people who Kishimoto worked with have said she'd make a better herione than Sakura back in 2010. By all means thinking back downplaying Sakura was a little harsh but still as a female lead I can't see her as it, i'd have to force it, she's just not what id expect, which this whole article is more or less a 4 am rant co-written by a pal, but I mean agree to disagree about Sakura. " The stupid" post still grabbed attention and that was the main focus of my first rant on here lol

    2. I sense a butt hurt fanboy/girl here...

    3. First of all Hinata has incredible character depth. For the first 30 episodes of naruto Sakura basically thinks she is best and when she finally realizes that she isn’t that great what does she do? That’s right nothing. she just goes almost all of Shonen useless until she finally starts to train under tsunade.Hinata. When we first start to really see her for herself we realize a lot of things.Hinata was born with good eyes but had to work hard to train them and was constantly pressure to be the best because she was part of the main branch.So her eyes were not just a blessing. We see that she is shy but the within episodes of this realization Hinata battles it out to the near death with Neji in an attempt to improve herself.She then starts immediately to become a strong kunoichi. second of all You are mad that he based a bit of his vote on looks but that is a factor in a great heroine. I am not saying that you have to be beautiful to be a hero but I would guess that being saved by someone like Hinayana would be a lot more pleasing than being saved by Sakura. Third of all back to character depth. Sakura throughout the entire series (and you have heard this before) stupidly loves sasuke. If your idea of character depth is almost being killed by someone and still being in love with them than you my friend are an idiot. Not to mention that Sakura is the worst b**ch to Naruto and basically every single orphan in the series by saying it would be great to have no parents. Hinayana doesn’t rely on her teammates she trusts in them. Sakura basically gives Naruto an incredibly hard task, and can’t even go with him. An also adding that in my opinion this post is stupid and blah blah blah that is just hate for no reason when you could have simply said I disagree.

    4. Sakura's character development is amazing, people just dont want to take the time to admit it. In the manga it showed Sakura being bullied at a very young age which overall destroyed her confidence. She didn't "think she was the best" it was quite the opposite. After being bullied so much for her forehead its obvious to why she cared so much about her looks. She began her development early in the series when she talked to Sasuke about not having any parents (note that she didn't make fun of him, she just made a point) and after he confronted her about it, she began to reevaluate how she treated Naruto. In my opinion this is what caused her and Naruto to have the sibling-type bond that they have now. And saying that Sakura treated Naruto badly just shows that you haven't read the manga and you're only basing that off of fillers. She only hits him when he does something illogical (like what and older sister would do to her brother) not to mention that the heroine hitting the MC is literally used for comedic relief in Japan. At first, Sakura loved Sasuke because she thought he was "cool". Back to what I said about her being bullied, it damaged her self-confidence which made her think she wasn't "cool". She admired him and wanted to be like him. That infatuation soon grew into love that never failed. The fact that she loved him even in his darkest times just shows how loyal she is. You say that she "stupidly" loved him even though that's what true love is; loving someone even when they're at their worst. In the end, Sakura went from a self conscious civilian girl born with no special abilities to the strongest kunoichi in Konoha (said by Kishimoto himself). In my opinion, Sakura had one of the best character developments in the whole show. And about the looks, if you don't remember Sakura is considered extremely beautiful in the anime/manga. She may not fit yours, but she is literally what the beauty standard is in Japan. In addition to being canonically beautiful in Naruto, Sakura is actually very popular in Japan and is one of the most like female characters in Naruto. Kishimoto said he made her to be a normal girl that would be relatable to others, and he did a pretty good job despite the fact that he didn't have a lot of experience with female characters. Sakura is a great character with fantastic development. From a weak girl obsessed with her looks to a strong, useful, beautiful woman.

    5. the reson why sakura gets hate is because she is flat usless always hiting naruto.calling him names. this bich came back to naruto saying she loves him.she DOSENT!.like stop coming for hinata there would not be no naruto if hinata didnt come and save him from pain.naruto would have went to join obito if hinata didnt smak some sense in naruto.so if you want to come for hinata then come for the hole naruhina squad.

  3. Sakura has had far better character development, is way stronger than Hinata and is a great kunoichi, while Hinata is average and that's only because she has the Byakugan, otherwise she'd be completely talentless. Not even an opinion, more of a fact actually.

    1. "and that's only because she has the Byakugan, otherwise she'd be completely talentless". That's like saying Sasuke was only able to rival Naruto because of his eyes.. both statements are definitely not true.

    2. Nope she is not talentless...
      She developped her own jutsu
      And u call her talentless
      And ur saying she is shy???
      Sure, she confessed to naruto, and also is very brave
      Ur so called sakura didnt have the guts to intervene in the fight between naruto and pain
      She triggered him
      Now she got a special chakra(won't tell how not spoiling it further)
      Here's What Hinata has:
      Her Protective Skills Became The Stuff Of Legends
      She Has Excellent Chakra Control
      The Strength And Purity Of Her Chakra Attracts Toneri Otsutsuki
      Hamura Transferred His Chakra To Hinata, Giving Her Even More PowerHinata's Chakra Changes From Blue To Purple After This Absorption

      She Is Also Uniquely Able To Destroy The Tenseigan After Absorbing Hamura's Chakra
      It Allows Her To Replenish Naruto's Tremendous Chakra Reserves Instantly
      Hinata’s Byakugan Granted Her Penetrative Vision In A Near-360° Field Around Herself
      Her Byakugan Has A Range Of 20 Kilometres
      Hinata's Byakugan Allows Her To Attack With Pinpoint Accuracy
      She Can Share This Ability With Others To Improve Their Accuracy Too
      She Can Use The Byakugan To Identify GenjutsuIn The Anime, Hinata's Byakugan Could Use Infrared Vision And Magnification

      In The Anime, Hinata's Byakugan Could Use Infrared Vision And Magnification
      Hinata Is Able To See A Person’s Chakra Structure
      Hinata Can Block An Opponent's Chakra System With The Gentle Fist Fighting Style
      This Ability Can Also Be Used For Healing Purposes
      Hinata’s Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists Technique Can Drain A Target’s Chakra
      Hinata’s Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm Lets Her Attack Targets At Range And Deflect Incoming Attacks
      This Technique Could Be Combined With Other Byakugan Users For Greater Effect
      She Becomes A Master Of The Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
      She Invented Her Own Technique – The Protecting Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
      As An Adult, She Can Knock Out A Target With A Single Strike To Their Tenketsu
      Her Dedication Was Inspired By Naruto And Even Rivals It At Times
      Hinata Could Tell The Real Naruto From The Fake Copies
      She's Deceptively Smart
      Given Her Kind Demeanour, Hinata's Kind Of A Prodigy
      Hinata Is One Of Kishimoto’s Favourite Characters
      She Developed A Strong Sense Of Sacrifice
      This is the link for information

    3. Hinata honestly got a boost up with her byakugan so how sakura manges to catch up with her WITHOUT any kekei genkai is impressive (not calling Hinata a cheater or anything but still)

  4. Have you been under a rock? You do realize that Tsunade is literally the strongest woman alive, right? And she PERSONALLY trained Sakura, and if you've been reading the manga, it's really being hinted around that Sakura has surpassed Tsunade. She has amazing medical skills of course, but that aside, her strength is amazing. And to top that, she's incredibly intelligent. She can judge distances and shit with just her eyes. Hinata may have her Byakugan, but Sakura has some pretty amazing eyes too. Hinata can evade her like anyone else, sure, but Sakura is fast too. It's not like it'd be easy for her to just evade Sakura. If Sakura even hit her once, she'd be fucked. I feel like Sakura would overwhelm her with her brute force. Also, Sakura is naturally more strong willed than Hinata. Sakura is hands down in my opinion the strongest in the series. She's also quite cute, too.

  5. Hinata ftw.
    I agree with most of it. Hinata had the greatest character development between the 2 imo.
    The Hinata of ep 1 of naruto would never have stood up to Pain or Madara. Her love for Naruto, among other things forced her to step up.
    And while she does have the byakugan, that doesn't disregard the fact that she is a capable ninja in her own right, saying things like "that's only because she has the Byakugan, otherwise she'd be completely talentless" is like saying Sasuke only became as good as he is because of his Sharingan.

  6. Err, just wanted to point out that Sakura is the strongest kunoichi in the world by Boruto, and Hinata is still a chuunin, so..... Wyd

    1. Erm...Hinata is still a chuunin because she chooses to be, basically. And as far as Sakura and her strength, well, strength can certainly be out done by skill and wit. No shade to Sakura, but she can be defeated, just like any other ninja/kunoichi. It happens.

      I like both characters, and I kind of don't see why people need to compare these two. They're two different characters.

  7. Personally, I don't agree with the majority of what you said here. Both female characters are amazing, strong women, and seeing you downplay Sakura so much is disappointing. Sakura is a character who was meant to be displayed as a realistic person, with many flaws girls today have. The fact that you're comparing the looks of the two girls is superficial, vain, and frankly stupid. Personally, I think Sakura already had it hard to begin with. She's never been born with a kekkei genkai, and no one in her family is a ninja. Hinata, on the other hand, has had everything served to her on a silver platter. The byakugan, and whatnot, are a huge advantage. Keep in mind, even though Hinata has her kekkei genkai, Sakura has remained the most powerful female main character throughout Shippuden, based on the databook. All I'm saying here is that you should pay each character the respect they deserve,even when comparing them. Sakura has her own qualities, and sometimes people just focus on the negative sections. She's had so much character growth throughout the series, like Hinata, and for you to just discredit that in a coup,e of sentences is insulting and rude.

    There's a reason Kishimoto put Sakura as the main character, and it's not so people can diss her and try to put another side character in her place. Sakura DOES care about Naruto, the entire reason she did that was so she could protect him and get rid of Sasuke for him. She WANTED to help him, and even if she failed, it's the intentions that count. Like Hinata when she tried to save Naruto from Pain, Sakura does care for Naruto and does want to fight for his well-being.

    Another point I'd like to address is the fact you mainly focused on her punch as her only weapon. Sakura's intelligence is remarkably high and she's quite talented at releasing from genjutsu and performing hand seals. Keep in mind that she's stored chakra in her seal on her forehead for the three years of shippuden, so she's obviously not at her max. You should see her in the battle against Madara, she was amazing.

    Hinata has her own skill set as well in a totally different manner. She's a lot more timid, but she still has that character growth, even going on to confess her love for Naruto. Hinata's byakugan is used with great consistency and intelligence.

    Personally, about her personality, I love it. Sakura can be a major bitch, but at least she's a realistic bitch. She's strong-willed, and not afraid to stand up for herself, which is why I like her. Hinata is sometimes timid, but she's like able and enjoyable. I think Sakura is a more realistic view of girls in this world, but Hinata is a lot more likeable because she's so cute and timid. Sometimes, you need to be realistic and see their personalities and where it's coming from.

    What I'm saying is that yes, I do get where you're coming from, I used to hate Sakura for numerous reasons. But I hope you can appreciate her more for the powerful fighter she is.

    1. I love your honesty,straight-forwardness and downright facts.Doesn't it just tick you off at how they hate on Sakura?Some people just need to GROW UP.

    2. Um, yes. Hinata has depth, just like Sakura has depth. And completely disregarding the work that Hinata put in just to show how awesome Sakura is just sucks. It's not like she didn't do anything. The girl worked damn hard, just like everybody else, and actually fought on the battle field. Sure, Hinata was defeated by Pain, but was she not fighting him in the first place? Did she not inspire Naruto to kick butt at that point? So because she was defeated easily, she sucks? By the same right, Sasuke should suck, too then. But was her effort not good enough? Naruto got those hands from Pain, too. Remember? So it's not like she was just sitting there calling his name in her head like she did when she was 12. And never done anything? So grinding and training with her prodigy cousin everyday for hours to develop her fighting skills despite being told she wasn't sh** by her father is doing nothing? Okay... Hinata barely had anything in the beginning, too. If her byakugan gave her an advantage, then she would have been stronger as a child and even more so as an adult, that's what an advantage does. But she was not advantaged and again, worked hard. Just like Sakura, just like many other characters in this series. Please stop pretending that she is useless when you guys know good and well that she isn't. Both characters did well in their own respects.

    3. I completely agree with this comment, Sakura shouldnt get soo much hate. I like both of them but like comparing them to each other is like so stupid. Sakura has a lot of potential and so does hinata, how does it matter if Sakura came from like a not-so-great background!? Also how tf does it matter if Hinata is "hotter" and more "lady like" as compared to Sakura? its doesnt affect either of their strengths, its completely up to Sakura if she wants to grow her hair or not. I personally think Sakura can defeat hinata but like who knows? and Hinata might be better at something else while Sakura has strengths in other things. Both of them grow up to be amazing women with great personalities and thats all that rlly matters tbh. Doesnt this situation remind u guys of like Misty (from pokemon)? she gets a lot of hate as well...

  8. First and Foremost I would like to say for no-one to be offended by my point of view.It's just my opinion and the truth.
    Sakura was trained by Tsunade,a Legendary SANNIN.Hinata was trained by Neji.Sakura has already surpassed Tsunade.Hinata is just an average Chuunin.
    And it absolutely pisses me off that you look at the body and looks and judge on it.Like seriously,the world isn't just big boobs and sexy body.There are lots of people who do't have these ''blessed'' attributes.Sakura has grown alot over the series,both mentally and physically.She no longer is useless and weak.She is a smart,beautiful girl.Hinata gets way too much attention,mainly because of her body and kekkei.You know how hard it is not belonging to a special clan and not having a ''special'' kekkei genkai.Heck,the girl was being BULLIED for her forehead,and I don't get what's so bad about it.Her forehead is perfect just how it is.Hinata is from the main branch,and practically had everything handed to her.
    Sakura is not only incredibly strong,but incredibly smart.She found a potion not even Chiyo could make.She saved Kankuro.She was able to find a way to evade and beat Sasori.She actually DEFEATED him.Hinata just came in and wanted to help Naruto,but ended up getting her sorry butt kicked.If Sakura was there,I bet she would have held her own for quite a while,maybe even defeat him.If she found a way to beat Sasori,I bet she can do the same in a battle against Hinata.
    I never hated Sakura,not for one bit at any time.The way she acted for Sasuke is the exact same way girls today act.Don't pretend it's not real.She grew from weak and useless to strong and a great medic.She saved and healed so many people,and face it,without SAKURA as the heroine,what's the point of Naruto?Who would have killed Sasori?Who would have saved Kankuro?Who would have helped with the defeating of Kaguya?Who would have loved or have Sarada?Surely not Hinata,or anyone else.All that was Sakura.Heck,Hinata wouldn't even be with Naruto today if Sakura didn't encourage and give her ideas.Heck,Hinata would be dead if it wasn't for her.
    Sakura's body is very appealing and as a girl with big boobs,I wish i had her normal size.It's tiring and painful.She in fact,has great boobs if you actually took the time to study her and not have your eyes glued to Hinata's chest.What are they even doing there?
    And who doesn't love a pretty,hot-headed girl with not only a great sense of humor,but incredible strength and smarts?
    And HO,you know how HARD it is to pull off PINK HAIR without looking like a complete idiot?
    She also had that undying love for Sasuke,protecting him,caring for him and everything.And he loves her.Why else would they be happily married and have Sarada?
    I don't wanna offend anybody,especially Hinata Fans,who are also the ones who seem to be hating the most.Sakura is my favourite kunoichi,and i won't just stand there and watch those mean and pointless comments.This is getting ridiculous.Honestly,MOSTLY all comments I've read about Hinata being ''better''than Sakura(which is absolutely a sick joke)involves her body.Like grow up and open your eyes and accept Sakura for the smart,strong,beautiful and loving mother she is:]

    1. Not everyone has the perfect body ya know.God made everyone special and in his own image and likeness.Sakura's perfectly beautiful the way she is.Flawless even as a mother.And face it,you can pull of black hair easily.

  9. And don't you ever think that I write this because i hate Hinata.I actually like her timid and cute personality.I'ts just because you downright disrespected a truly great girl

  10. The skill chart says it all you obsessive Hinatard.Hinata has NO chance of defeating Sakura.Even if she pops all her veins using Byakugan or powers up all her gentle fist.The Byakugou and 100 Seals would still be way too much for her.Plus,with Sakura's skill,strength,accuracy and intelligence she could evade all Hinata's moves then get her with her super-strength.It would be like Hinata's Battle With Pein all over again!!

  11. THIS...THIS post is the result of when someone's being overly obsessed,too-blind-to-see,and just plain SKIPPING episodes.ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND TRYING TO COMPARE THESE TWO?TOUCHE.Comparing the now strongest kunoichi alive and a regular Hyuga chunin is just brutal.Sorry Hinata,but if that fight took place,JUST hope that you make it out WALKING!Because Sakura is going to seriously hurt you!

  12. You know what I think?This post is untrue,stupid,totally out-of-the-question and plain wrong.We all know that Sakura would win a fight against Hinata,even though Hinata has''Byakugan''.Chick's inteLLLIGENCE IS OFF THE CHART.think she's stupid enough to let Hinata hit her?You're completely forgetting that the Byakugan has a blind spot.If she was able to evade Sasori,who was way stronger than Hinata,then Sakura,being the quick thinker she is,will find herself a way to get behind Hinata,where her blind spot is.Then,using her amazing fighting skills,clobber Hinata.Byakugan ain't gonna save her from Sakura.Hinata's beauty ain't got NOTHING on Sakura btw.

  13. You are what is wrong with this world. Comparing two kunoichis on the basis of their looks and their love for a man . You seriously dont have any idea about being a woman. Its npt just looks or love for man .

    Character depth and hinata. Hahahaba. All she has ever doneand said is "Naruto kun". Even in the figt with pain she got down so easily while Sakura was busy treating people. Even konohamaru was able land one of the pains to ground. Sakura has the same and even more(now that she has surpasses Tsunade) strength than Tsunade and u have to remember that Tsunade fought up against Madara . She has tbe same jutsus. Hinata can barely use her ocular Jutsu. Hinata is a prodigy of a clan yet she is bately a match for Sakura who had nothing in the beginning.

  14. You are what is wrong with this world. Comparing two kunoichis on the basis of their looks and their love for a man . You seriously dont have any idea about being a woman. Its npt just looks or love for man .

    Character depth and hinata. Hahahaba. All she has ever doneand said is "Naruto kun". Even in the figt with pain she got down so easily while Sakura was busy treating people. Even konohamaru was able land one of the pains to ground. Sakura has the same and even more(now that she has surpasses Tsunade) strength than Tsunade and u have to remember that Tsunade fought up against Madara . She has tbe same jutsus. Hinata can barely use her ocular Jutsu. Hinata is a prodigy of a clan yet she is bately a match for Sakura who had nothing in the beginning.

  15. I hate to say this but, everyone you do know Hinata has Homura character right? That's literally Sage level, Also people who say that Hinata had everything handed to her are so wrong. First of all her clan did not give two shits about her, they literally did nothing after her fight with Neji. Her father looks down to her and pretty much everyone thinks she's weak so again check before you speak, Hinata had it harder then Sakura, she doesn't have a mother who is dead, her clan hates her, and her cousin wants her dead throughout part 1. So yes Sakurai may have been trained by Tsunade but Sakura couldn't even catch up on Naruto or Sasuke. This girl is mentally and emotionally weak, Sakura couldn't even destroy zetsus eyes without crying and messing up. So yes Hint is better then Sakura because she has more depth and has blossom into something more, so to all you people that think it's sexism to dislike Sakura need to get out, this is Natuto not a Feminist ally.

    1. LMAO and what exactly has this Hamura's chakra done per say? Oh, that's right, it restored Naruto's chakra whoop-d-do that is literally IT. She received no ninjutsu power-ups, no taijutsu power-ups, no genjutsu power-ups, no Byakugan power-ups, no speed power-ups, no strength power-ups...NOTHING. The only improvement that chakra gave her was giving her more chakra stamina/reserves...that's all. So please, enough with the "Sage mode" shit, we all know that Hamura's chakra was just some fodder shit Kishimito added to make Hinata look cool with that purple chakra.

      And don't even get me started on the whole, "she had it harder than Sakura" bItCH WhAt? Hinata was given personal, private and top of the line Hyuga training at a young age and was only looked down upon after she lost to a sister who was 5 YEARS YOUNGER THAN HER in front of her clan. She deserved to be looked down upon after that bullshit. Hinata was also given a special Kekkai Genkai from birth that she could wield at will and it gave her a major advantage in battles with all of the jutsus it could foster. Hinata was also just fucking handed Hamura's chakra too.

      And wow now I know you are just straight BLINDED by your obsession with Hinata because wtf you're bashing Sakura for not catching up to Naruto and Sasuke? THE NARUTO AND SASUKE? The guys who were born as descendants of practical gods, had special and powerful bloodlines/clan roots, were both given powerful curses/gifts at some point in their life by someone else, and ON TOP OF THAT were trained by the other two legendary Sanin respectively???? I regret to inform you my dear but it seems you are suffering of a severe syndrome known as being a moron. Sakura came from nothing. Zip. Zero. She wasn't born into a clan, she wasn't born with a Kekkei Genkai, she wasn't born with a powerful 9-tails fox inside of her, she wasn't a descendant of an all mighty shinobi god...like HOW honey, did you ever expect her to catch up to them? Exactly, you can't expect that from someone who literally started 50+ miles below their base power levels.

      You know what she did do though? She past up your precious Hinata and became the most powerful kunoichi in the Naruto-verse, where as Hinata is just a lowly Chunin who's only defining traits are her lack of a backbone and her Byakugan (both of which have been useless for at least 680 chapters of Naruto). Sakura is so much better than Hinata could be at this point, especially since she started below her and crushed the competition easily

    2. Ummm...that's such a mean comment to excuse child abuse.Hinata didn't lose because of her skills it's because she didn't want to hurt her sister. Who would I mean u probably would judging from ur comment but any person who has heart wouldn't. And restoring the chakra..listen that was tremendously useful skill,sharing chakra. She didn't have chakra exhaust and didn't take 3 forking days to complete it like sakura. Im sorry but that's the truth.As for being handed the chakra....pssshhhhh I don't even know where to start. 1st,it WASN'T HANDED to her. She had to work her way to get it. And acussing hinata fans of bashing sakura is hypocretic as sakura fans like u do that too.

    3. Umm really? Hinata was literally handed hamura's chakra plus it did nothing but up her chakra reserves and we all know chakra doesnt equal power look at karin she comes from the uzumaki clan and they all have massive chakra reserves but she is relatively weak

  16. Whatever, Stop the gibberish Naruto ended up with Hinata.
    Also she grew alot stronger when She recieved the power of Hamura Otsutsuki. So she can now defeat Sakura lol. Also Sasuke and Sakura ended up with each other now. So yeah thats it She can now defeat Sakura.

    1. Exactly! People act like Hinata is just this super weak person. Dude, just stop hating.

      Also, it was obvious that Sakura and Sasuke were going to be together when he hugged her from behind before leaving to seek out Orichimaru. How did anyone not know that? Naruto and Hinata were obviously gonna end up together, you saw that when she gave him the confidence to fight in the 3rd round of the Chuunin exams. I have no idea why people are so butt hurt when it has been obvious for years. Sakura had never seen Naruto as a romantic interest, and she didn't have to. She has a right to love who she loves, just like Hinata. For god's sake...

      Hinata is not weak. She just has to work towards her goal. That's life.

    2. Please explain how Hamura's chakra will help AT ALL. The only thing it did was increase Hinata's horrific chakra reserves into something cooler. That's legit it, she was able to do absolutely nothing else with the chakra, and here we are several novels and Boruto episodes later and she is still the epitome of weakness with no feats using Hamura's chakra outside of restoring some chakra. Sooo...how exactly is she beating Sakura, when Sakura has just as much, if not more chakra reserves in her Yin Seal? And by god, if you actually believe that Hinata could beat Sakura when Sakura is using Katsuyu and her Yin Seal, you are blind af, mate. Wow, I just love Hinatards, your comments are just hilarious to read because half of the words you spill onto the page have no logic behind them whatsoever. Truly, as a REAL Naruto fan, I highly suggest you pull you head out of your Hinata fantasies and come back down to the land of logic and reality, thanks.

  17. I agree with this article
    Fuck you if are dumb ass and think Sakurai would have any chance of touching hinata

    1. Haha what a joke the fact is according a paper SAKURA is the strongest konuichi in konoha and Neo Sannin level also she is Jonnin,shr is the head of Medic in konoha and one of the important medic ninja in 5 great nations, the 2nd strongest konoichi in the world..

  18. OH MY GLOB!!! HINATA IS OBVIOUSLY WAY better than sakura and would beat sakura in a fight. The first reason is that Sakura is actually kind of slow when fighting. She takes forever to land her punches. Hinata is quick on her feet. I don't understand why people say sakura has the best chakra control because Hinata has been practicing her chakra control her whole life. Have you guys even been paying attention. Second, Hinata a would still try her hardest to become a great ninja even if she didn't have her byakugan. Sakura should have realized that protecting her friends was more important than looks a little sooner. Hinat a loves Naruto for his determination and how he stands up for himself and others. Hinat a always supported Naruto and realized his pain while sakura bullied him just like everyone else. Sakura still came crying to Naruto after sasuje left the village telling him to bring sasuke back. This may not be true but it seems like sakura doesnt give a shit about naruto. If it were sakura vs. Hinata then Hinata would win. Hinata is too quick and could deliver a Quick attack while sakura is still holding her arm back getting ready to punch. You may not agree with my opinion of sakura but I think she is a useless tool who needs to reexamine her whole existence.

    1. Sooo I guess you've only watched the anime. Studio Pierrot really fucked up Sakura's character and oversexualised hinata. The anime is literally 60% filler. Sp did what they wanted not following the manga properly and showed Sakura as a complete bitch. Honestly tho, can Hinata beat Sasori? Can she? I have no reason to hate on hinata, I love both these girls.and really? Sakura is a medic nin. She's surpassed Tsunade. And the part where you see Hinata healing in the anime is FILLER not CANON. There's a difference between what Kishimoto-sensei CREATES and what studio Pierrot ANIMATES. Sakura would beat Hinata in a fight. We've seen her skills.

  19. They're both awesome in each of their unique ways..

  20. Sakura is faster than Hinata according to the databooks and feats, she was able to evade Sasori's puppets without Chiyo's help later in the fight (was trained in evasion), she has more strength than Tsunade and Ai,she is highly intelligent, knows Hinata's style, can destroy Hinata from afar by just punching the ground or summoning her slug, she surpassed a sannin, was promoted to jonin and was stated by Kishi in databook 4 to be on par with EMS Sasuke and KCM Naruto and the best medic in the village and has knowledge of poisons beyond Sasori and Chiyo.

    Meanwhile Hinata is still a chunnin as a 30 something year old, was noted to be a weak hyuga, doesn't know palm rotation, learned 64 palms in the war while Neji knew it before part one, and has no feats that put her near a sannin/kage/akatsuki member. Also she doesn't have a special Hamura power up. In that Last, which was not written by Kishi, Hinata had Hamura's chakra as his descendant ie someone from his bloodline, the same chakra all Hyuga have. Thus she could touch the tenseigan while Naruto for example could not however SHE WAS TOO WEAK and needed Naruto's vast reserves to destroy it i.e. she has the characteristic needed and he had the power. No where in that movies was she ever given a power up much less one like Naruto and Sasuke. Also in the Boruto movie she was shown to still be average.

  21. hinata wins end of story! sakura goes to punch her, hinata uses gentle fist and its over!

  22. People thinking Hinata knows nothing new over all these elyears but tries to say Sakura has so much extra stuff.

    Sakura is decent only because they wanted another tsunade, they needed someone to be the third Sabin again, and she was it.

    She sucks at all ninjutsu and cannot use genjutsu. Her skills are only as a medical ninja and that's all.
    In terms of combat power and flexibility she is mediocre

    Let me explain something to you guys, Sakuras strength is all just chakra, which means another ninja would be able to do it as well.

    But it is a crude way of fighting, if your main strength is something others with good Chakra control can also do then you are really not that strong.

    Sakura is a medical ninja and Hinata is more of a combatant, stop comparing them, it is stupid.

    Like Tsunade said when they needed a 5th to create to seal for that tailed beast, Hinata already had the Chakra control of a medical ninja and could easily fill that spot.

    It is not as though she is not able to become a medic nin. Or be all fists first like Sakura, but she simply has a much bigger arsenal at her disposal.

  23. no sakura claps sakura is the speed of sound sakura is sannin lvl while hinata is barely anbu lvl also sakura is extremely smart and will use hinatas ability against her

  24. I agree with this article 100% and the people who don't just don't understand anything about the series. Hinata is mad stronger than Sakura. And without her healing abilities Sakura would get destroyed. She's not even fast enough to touch Hinata.

  25. I disagree with this article to the fullest you basically disporved your point as soon as you put the pain scan

    Hinata got one paneled by pain none of that fighting happened in the manga and i realized you were biased the moment you put appearance(Give me your discord so we can debate)

  26. Damn people cant we admit that their super different they both grow to the strongest females in the series they are all cool and strong in their own way they all go through loss and hardship through their shinobi journey cant we all admit that.

  27. Who would win. Shikamaru or Sakura?

  28. OhHH HinAta AcTuaLly Body ShaMEd sO ShE NOt SteAminG HoT I HaTe BoTh SO ShuT Up NonE ArE StrOng BuT SaKura Is AnnOyIng ANd CAn Beat HinAta By 1 DaMn PUncH DUmB DumB HeHe

  29. Lol. Sakura claps hinata no need for me to explain cause the explanation is already there. If you still disagree its not my problem its yours.

  30. I just want to say this sakura may be better than hinata in strength and chakra control but hinata is far more fasrer than sakura


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