My Top 5 Favorite Home Based Video Game Consoles Ever


Throughout the past 30 years that I have been playing video games, I have played some of the best home based console video games to have ever existed such as Super Mario 3, Sonic 2, Streets Of Rage 2, Marvel vs Capcom, WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, WWE Mercy, WCW/NWO Revenge, Goldeneye 007, Dead To Rights, Numerous Dynasty Warriors games, NCAA Football 2012, & the list goes on and on.

I have played many home based video game consoles throughout the past 30 years of my life from NES, SNES, Genesis, PS1, N64, PS2,  & PS3. The fact that I played so many home based console video games through multiple home based video game consoles is a testament to my undying love of video games that’ll never go away.

With that being said, here are my top 5 favorite home based video game consoles ever.

Sony PlayStation 2 - The first time I played some video games for this console, I was immediately blown away by the graphics and how very fluid and detailed they were in the video games that I played for this home based video game console. The PS2 was very groundbreaking when it came out because of the fact that it became the very first ever home based video game console to play DVDs or Blu-Ray DVDs which made many people like me appreciate this home based video game console so much back then and even to this day. The PS2 had a great library of classic video games for the home based console such as Def Jam Vendetta/Fight For NY, WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain, DBZ Budokai 3, & Dead To Rights. I had so many memories playing The PS2 at my dad’s house during my high school days.

Sega Genesis - I remember loving the old Sega Genesis commercials I saw on TV so much during my childhood years that I remember telling my grandma that I wanted a Sega Genesis for my birthday and when my 10th birthday came, I finally got The Sega Genesis that I told my grandma to buy me on my birthday. When I looked at the box, it had The Sega Genesis logo with the Sega Genesis home based console along with a joystick, a power cord, and a rare compilation cartridge called “6-Pak” which had six games on it from Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets Of Rage, Golden Axe. Super Hang-On, Columns, & Revenge Of Shinobi. The very first Sega Genesis game that I remember playing was The Sonic The Hedgehog game from The 6-Pak compilation cartridge and I absolutely fell in love with Sonic and The Sega Genesis system because it also has a great catalog of many classic games with amazing graphics like The Original Sonic Trilogy, The Original Streets Of Rage Trilogy, Gunstar Heroes, RayStar, Vectorman, and The Joe Montana NFL Football video game series with NFL ‘95 being my favorite from that series and even exclusive games like Contra: Hard Corps and Castlevania Bloodlines. I absolutely loved playing the hell out that console back in the day which brought so many memories as a kid of playing The Sega Genesis.

NES - One of my favorite childhood memories was how much I absolutely loved to play The NES aka Nintendo Entertainment System in The West & Famicom in Japan despite the fact that I absolutely hated blowing cartridges to play the games back in the day. I enjoyed seeing very good 8-bit graphics with many memorable 8-bit musical tracks that came from The NES Era. I had so many NES games back in the day that my favorite video games that I enjoyed playing the most from the NES were The Original Super Mario Bros. Trilogy, Zelda I & II, Dragon Warrior 4, Ninja Gaiden, After Burner, Kabuki: Quantum Fighter, Werewolf: The Last Warrior, Rad Racer, Bases Loaded II & III. The NES also has a very impressive library of classic video games like those that I mentioned that are still revered by many older gamers like myself to this very day.

Sony PlayStation 3 - The very first time I remember playing The PS3 was over 10 years ago at my dad’s old house where the version that I had was The O.G. Big 60GB with a joystick, power cord, and wires to connect the system to the TV. I also found out that I could play the old school 8 & 16-bit home based video games from The NES, SNES, & Sega Genesis on The PS3 through a process called Jailbreaking. The PS3 was also groundbreaking it was I believe the first home based video game console that had backwards capabilities and what that means is that you can play games from The PS1 & PS2 eras as long as you had the actual PS1 & PS2 video games that can be easily played on The Sony PlayStation 3 console which made my old days of playing on the PS3 so memorable.

SNES - One of my very first memories that I had with The SNES (aka Super Nintendo Entertainment System in The West & Super Famicom in Japan) was playing the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl with my older brother who very rarely allowed me and my fellow siblings to actually play on his SNES back in the day. I played as The Miami Dolphins & my older brother played as The Houston Oilers and my older brother absolutely obliterated me 63-0 and I remember storming out of his room so angry and crying heavily that day. I wouldn’t play The SNES again until my first year in middle school when I saw two guys playing a game called “Kirby SuperStar” and I remember asking one of them how did you manage to play that game on the computer and when he told me, I started playing many SNES video games on computer during my middle school days so frequently and I absolutely loved how crisp and fluid the graphics were in many of the games that I played that were classics like Super Mario World, Tecmo Super Bowl, Darius Twin, Chrono Trigger, Bahamut Lagoon, Final Fantasy IV & V, Dragon Quest V, Super Punch Out and even exclusives like Marvel Super Heroes: War Of The Gems, X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, Super Castlevania IV, & Contra III: The Aliens. The SNES is easily one of the greatest home based video game console ever made.

The Conclusion - Even though the gaming industry is the most profitable it’s ever been in the current era, but it really took off during the 8-bit era and peaked during the 16-bit era.

By Kwame Shakir

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