Watching Bad Movies: Sinister Squad

I liked Suicide Squad for what it was, a fun action flick with superheroes and some cool special effects. I don't like to pretend it was the greatest film ever or even pretend it was good. I just like it; I've been known to like bad movies before. That's why I thought I might like Sinister Squad. I didn't like Sinister Squad. In fact, I disliked it so much Suicide Squad is now untouchable. I better never hear another negative word about Suicide Squad.

Sinister Squad has a group of fairy tail characters attempting to save the world as Death attempts to bring an end to life as we know it. So, Suicide Squad with Enchantress replaced by Death. These characters are forced to work together, in return their prison sentences will be either revoked or shortened. Yeah, this is Suicide Squad.

They don't even try to hide it, almost every character has a counterpart from the actual Suicide Squad film. Blue Beard is Captain Boomerang, bad to the bone, wants to be there less than anyone else. Red Queen is Harley, the femme fatal who holds the key to making it all work. Death is The Joker, seems like the big bad from everything we've been told, but barely has screen time. Pied Piper is Rick Flag, no actual powers, the supposed moral compass; the twist is he loves Goldilocks not Caribos, the actual villain. Big Bad Wolf is Killer Croc except he spends most of his time as a disfigured human, because of budget constraints. Goldilocks is Amanda Waller, she puts the team together is the lead strategist and finds herself over her head but pulls it together. I could keep going on and on, but you get the point.

Despite stealing so much from Suicide Squad this film has an entire set of problems, all their own. The biggest for me was Blue Beard. In the fairy tail, Blue Beard is a rich man who marries women and tells them to stay out of a forbidden room. If they disobey, they find the bodies of his dead wives and soon she's murdered as well. In this film, they turn Blue Beard into, well, a rapist. Blue Beard loves cutting people, but wants to rape women he finds attractive, until Red Queen plays with his mind. Blue Beard is the only Black Man in the film and spends the entire time chasing after Goldilocks. Read the room, the optics are terrible. Then we later find out it's because Goldilocks promised Blue Beard he could do whatever to her if he participated, then locked him in a cell. It's terrible. 

I can't seem to figure out why the entire film takes place in the same underground bunker. It might not be the same bunker, but they don't do anything major to distinguish from scene to scene. It looks like the entire thing may have been filmed in different sections of one giant room. The lighting is all around bad, as are most of the costumes. The acting is disgustingly bad at worse, incredible bland for most and uninterested at best. Instead of focusing on the actual characters from fables we spend most of the time focused on Goldilocks and the Pied Piper playing, "will they get together," and it is wholly uninteresting. I will say Blue Beard, Rumpelstilltskin and Red Queen really got into their characters, and were the only highlights of this film. The dialogue in the film features these huge gaps where people either forget their lines or have to improvise that part of the script.

There isn't really much to say about this film. They essentially stole the script from a successful film, but a few twists on it, most of which were bad, and filmed it in whatever location was the cheapest. I mentioned earlier, I enjoy bad movies. But, there's nothing enjoyable about this one. I had never heard the phrase "mockbuster," before but now I'm disgusted. They're essentially very low budget copies of major studio films released at the same time to confuse people. Some people may try to stream, Black Widwow the day it was released, and accidentally stream, Widow of Black or something similar. They don't need a mass of people to click on the film to make their money back since the budget is so low. Then there's people like me who will click because, "this looks like a hot mess," and check it out. It's essentially, a pornographic parody film, without the pornography. The whole thing is pitiful. I won't blame the cast and crew, they have jobs to do. I will blame the studios, scriptwriters and directors who push this kind of dribble forward for a few dollars. There's no true creativity or meaningful motivations behind any of this. I can't say Sinister Squad did anything well; actually there's one thing. It made me realize that some movies are so bad, uncreative, and soulless that there is no entertainment to be gained from them at all.

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