Top 5 Of The Most Overrated Wrestling Opinions From The IWC

Top 5 Of The Most Overrated Wrestling Opinions From The Internet Wrestling Community

The IWC aka Internet Wrestling Community is a very prominent, but very toxic community on social media because they often argue about which shows are better, which promotions are better, & who’s this & who’s that. It’s very tiresome and nauseating to see play out on social media.

There are many opinions that come from The IWC that I specifically find to be overrated at best.

Here are top 5 of the most overrated wrestling opinions from The IWC.

The WWE “Attitude Era” Was Absolutely Great- This opinion I’ve often seen spewed by many in the IWC that are basically WWE “Attitude Era” marks is definitely among the most overrated opinion because not everything about The WWE “Attitude Era” was great because there were racist segments like DX “Blackface” segment & Mark Henry/Mae Young as well as sexist & raunchy angles for the women from Playboy Pillow Fights to Evening Gown Matches to Divas Searches to even Bra & Panties matches. The racist & sexist angles from The WWE “Attitude Era” were all over the place & not to mention that the actual wrestling from that period was very subpar compared to the extremely high wrestling levels that we see in the current era of modern day wrestling.

The Indie Wrestling Scene Is Nothing But Flips & Flops- This particular opinion comes from Pro-WWE gatekeepers who love to go on social media and shit on indie wrestling just for the sake of getting attention. They often say things like “indie scene is killing wrestling” or “indie scene is nothing more but flips and flops”. Neither one of those statements are true because not every wrestler who wrestles in the indie circuit is a “crash & burn” type of wrestler because there are plenty of wrestlers on the indie scene who are very grounded like Tasha Steelz to Calvin Tankman.

The “Women’s Evolution” Started In WWE- This opinion that also often comes from these Pro-WWE gatekeepers is definitely one of the most overrated opinions I have ever heard because during the late 90s through mid 2000s WWE, women were only seen as glorified eye candy for the predominantly white male gaze. While in Impact Wrestling starting in 2007, The Original “Women’s Evolution” really took off as women in the company were taken more seriously as talented wrestlers rather than eye candy and plus they headlined shows and PPVs such as the underrated feud that truly jumpstarted The Original “Women’s Evolution” was The Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim feud back in 2007. So whenever someone says “Women’s Evolution”, just remember it started in Impact Wrestling in 2007 way before it did in WWE.

Intergender Wrestling Is A Haven For “Domestic Violence” - The Anti-Intergenderalist wrestlers, podcasters, & fans who make this type of overrated argument are very blind and ignorant to the understanding of the consent to the match. This type of match requires consent from the man & woman and to compare that match to “domestic violence” is a very ignorant stupid claim. Now with that said even though I personally don’t enjoy watching those type of matches for my own personal reasons which doesn’t include the overrated “domestic violence” argument that often comes from the anti-intergenderalist podcasters, wrestlers, & fans.

3 Hours Of Raw Is “Good” For Wrestling - There are a small sector of fans in The IWC who sometimes make the argument that “Raw being for 3 hours is good for wrestling” when in reality it’s not. Ever since WWE sold their soul in 2012, The 3 Hour Raw concept has been a colossal and massive failure because it not only ruined the main event scene, but it also brings other problems such as having too many commercials to too much awfully bad filler segments. And not to mention, a lot of people in the IWC have often made posts about how 3 Hours Of Raw often puts them to a deep deep sleep.

The Conclusion - It’s always good to voice your opinions, but it’s not always a good thing to voice opinions that someone else would put you in check for.

By Kwame Shakir

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