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5 Film Plots You Didn't Notice

Sometimes movies don't make certain things clear but once you go back and see them again you realize there's some crazy things going down. So I came up with a list of plot points you probably didn't even notice.

1. Return of The Jedi - Ewoks are carnivores. They're cute and cuddly. You forgot they are bears. Mystikal said "help the bear" but sometimes it's you who needs help. The Ewoks were initially going to eat Han and company. Did you think they were cooking them for fun? After the stormtroopers are beaten the Ewoks have a feast and are seen playing with the stormtrooper helmets. Where are the bodies? Exactly, they eat people. Ewok food is human.

2. The Dark Knight - The Joker always reversed things. He kidnapped Rachel and Harvey but told the locations to Batman in reverse. He made the hostages look like gunmen. During the boat scene whichever boat decided to destroy the other would have been destroyed. They were holding the detonators for their own boats. Good thing Debo stepped in and put a stop to it.

3. Battleship - The Aliens came in peace. Their home planet was destroyed and they fled looking for a safe place. The only time they fired shots were after they had been attacked. Additionally all of their attacks were non lethal. Aliens came to Earth in peace and humans killed them. This is why real aliens aren't going to make contact any time soon.

4. Home Alone - You know how people always say "don't cry over spilled milk." Well, the whole movie plot is based on the fact that milk was spilled. The milk is spilled and it causes them to throw away Kevin's airline ticket. Maybe spilled milk is a reason to cry over because it proves your family doesn't love you as much as they claim to.

5. Aladdin - Homie got played by Genie. When Jafar wished to become a Sultan he didn't just get new clothes. The previous Sultan lost his land, his title and everything he owned. Aladdin wished to be a prince and what did he get? Some new clothes, some stuff and self-respect. He got played. He should get a refund. He's the prince of nothing. Also he turns into a white man by the end of the movie.

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