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Kishimoto dropped the ball so many times

Lets be honest. Kishimoto is not the writer he used to be. The first part of Naruto went in and nothing was going to change that. But then everyone turned 16 and we started not to care about them because Kishimoto dropped the ball.

Failed Heroines/Kunoichi: Ino, Temari, Hinata, and Konan are the only females I care about. All the others either suck or we just don't care about them. Ten Ten was never supposed be any thing in life. She never had a push and WWE just left her in the shadows. Ten Ten doesn't get a shot at the Divas Title. Ino has only been relevant for this arc, Hinata has had her moments here and there but there's not that much. We barely see Temari but at least she has a win and a body count. She killed Tayuya with her wind. Temari buried her ass with a tree branch. Konan has the back story with the Akatsuki and has killed plenty of niggas. She also took Obito's arm and beat him up. She died willingly and I will always love. But over all none of the females maybe besides Konan are that powerful. Only two are Kages but their physical ability is not that great and they've done nothing in the series. Overall Kishimoto does not care about females at all. No wonder the main love story is Naruto and Sasuke.

Sasuke and Naruto's failed bond
In the beginning Sasuke and Naruto hated each other but their hatred grew into a rivalry.  From there it grew into a good friendship. When Sasuke realized that he had accomplished none of his goals, he sat out to beat Naruto's ass. He succeed in this and their friendship fell apart. Now in Nature's view I can understand trying to save your friend but to the point where all you think of is him. Naruto talks more about trying to find Sasuke than actually trying to become a Chunin.  The nigga is still a Genin but all he cares about is Sasuke. Naruto doesn't want his best friend back, he wants his first love back. The worst part is thatsaSasuke doesn't want to be found or love anyone. He just wants to put an end to all the pain. He's a younger Madara.

Story development none existent 
The story of Naruto barely progreses and is sometimes non existent.  Why did Nagato bring everybody back to life? That goes against everything he was doing and saying for the past 16 years. All of it went down the drain because a 16 year old blonde faggot had a dream. I'm 16 and my dream is to be married to Namie Amuro.  Where is my ring? Oh right it's reality, dreams don't always come true. I'm not saying that anime has to appeal to the real world but some things just don't make sense.

Decline in character progression
I remember Rock Lee having the best fight in Naruto before Naruto vs Sasuke. He was made to be a splendid ninja but his arm and leg were crushed by Gaara. After that even though he couldn't fight everybody still loved his character.  We come to the second part of Naruto and we barely see one of the most beloved characters.  Where's Rock Lee? Oh he's just uh. We don't know. Not only was Lee left out but so was every one else.  I thought we were supposed to see Neji evolve as a character.  I thought Sakura was going to become a better ninja. I really thought Sakura was going to get better because she had a good fight against Sasori and things where looking up. But nope. Kishimoto put a stop to that instantly.  The progression of the Sakura character was stopped and to never be shown again. She was sent back to NXT.  I never liked Sakura but I still had some hope for her during that fight. She had impressed me. I started to hate her when she became obsessed with the Sasuke D. Then you really knew she wasn't coming up to the main roster.  I had high hopes for the Konoha 11 but only one was able to graduate from NXT and move to the main roster. Kishimoto wasted his time drawing useless characters.

In all this is why Naruto had failed as a series.  Kishimoto could not keep his hands on the ball. The man has butterfingers. I hope that if Kishimoto does do another series than he actually enjoys it because we all know he doesn't care about Naruto. P.s. I used a lot of WWE Wrestling references.

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