IDFWU: AniTwitter: The Calm before the Storm (Taiwan’s Backstory)

Darrell gave me his stamp of approval to borrow his IDFWU series. So let’s begin shall we folks. Also IDFWU means I don’t fuck with you. Thanks to Big Sean for making this acronym because it can be used for a lot of things that I don’t partially care for. 

I use to love the Twitter realm that consists of anime (Aka AniTwitter). I made a Twitter account back in 2012 and thanks to many of my AniTwitter followers; I found out that Toonami was brought back. Once Toonami returned, my love for anime was reborn like a phoenix from the ashes and was stronger than it ever was. I say this because when Toonami was taken off the air back in 2008 (I believe it was 2008) I stopped following anime. I mean I kept up with the Naruto series but that really was it. When some of my Twitter followers told me that Toonami was back I started to tune in on Saturday nights (and DVR Toonami) and bam Taiwan was back to watching anime full time.

I started to expand onto seasonal anime as well due to my “desire” to watch more anime that wasn’t being shown on Toonami and due to my AniTwitter followers recommending me different series to watch. I even started to finish series that I watched on Toonami that I never finished and weren’t finished on Toonami (Rurouni Kenshin for example). Don’t worry I’m going to go more in detail about AniTwitter, I had to tell you guys my back story *laughs*.

2012 was a great year for me because of Toonami returning, I graduated high school plus I started my first semester of college, and I started to meet cool people online that shared the same love that I have for anime and we could converse about anime without getting into arguments etc. I even joined an anime group called The Guild, which was fun while it lasted (did this in 2013). 2012 to the first half of 2013 of me being in AniTwitter was great but the second half of 2013 to 2014 well.

You can read part 2 here

You can hear Taiwan weekly on the Powerbomb Jutsu podcast.
IDFWU: AniTwitter: The Calm before the Storm (Taiwan’s Backstory) IDFWU: AniTwitter: The Calm before the Storm (Taiwan’s Backstory) Reviewed by Darrell S. on Thursday, November 06, 2014 Rating: 5

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