Top 7 Songs of February 2023


xooos - Naked

Youtuber turned full time artist, xooos releases her debut single Naked. This was my introduction to her. I had no idea she was doing covers on her Youtube which had amassed 1 Million Subscribers. With a very powerful and clear voice, xooos proves she belongs hear. Naked is nothing short of a bop. From the singing to the poppy beat and the fun chorus, how could you not have this song on replay?


Y La Bamba - Dibujos De Mi Alma

Y LA Bamba was speaking to me on this record. While a low toned song, its bale to evoke so much emotion out of me. The song is about wanting to be in love while not falling for the toxic traits that may spring up in a relationship. Her calm and relaxing voice coupled with the instrumentation creates a groovy and melodic feeling that hard to shake. 


 Epik High - God's Latte

The ending track tot he legendary trio's latest EP is God's Latte. Its a perfect number to end the album with as its smooth beat and calm raps clutches and releases your heartbeat. I did a full review of the album here


XG - Shooting Star/Left Right

I'm an XG believer. I kept hearing Shooting Star on Tiktok so I finally listened to them. They are HER. Straight banger after banger. From the bass in the beats to the simple yet catchy lyrics, these girls are putting out great music. Shooting Star is a club banger, it bumps in the whip and its goes hard in the gym. Left Right is a great song to dance to. Its slower but still rings in your ear. Whom ever is writing the songs know how to make hits. I can't wait to see what's next.


Pink Pantheres - Boy's A Liar pt 2

The infectious song that's taking over the internet finally got to me. The original version didn't do much for me but adding Ice Spice's rap brings an added touch to the joint. The song is truly the definition of a "bop".  I don't know if I'll be listening to this forever but for now, I'm tuned in.


Jay Park - Love is Ugly 

Why did he have to go and drop this? Love truly is ugly and Jay and Hwasa beautifully explained this to us.  I never knew I needed a Jay park and Hwasa Collab but I'm glad we're here. Both of them have such soothing voices and coupled with the serenity of the instrumental, this is a match made in love.  


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