Epik High - Strawberry Album Review

Legendary HiHop trio Epik High have released their new EP Strawberry, ahead of their upcoming American and European Tour. The album consists of 5 tracks featuring artists Hwa Sa of the Idol group Mamamoo and Jackson Wang of Got7.

The album is short, containing only 5 song, yet the album leaves sweet notes in your ears. Strawberry starts off the album and is a vocal less tune that eases your body into the show. DJ Tukutz is a genius at creating relaxing atmospheres.  Jackson Wang croons on On My Way and Tablo and Mithra Jin rap about the pains and struggles of the world. On Catch, Hwa Sa and Jackson trade places but this tune is more upbeat. I can see why this is the lead single of the project. Hwa Sa's delicate singing coupled with the groovy beat is sure to get the listener moving in no time. 

Down Bad Freestyle and God's Latte end the album on a high note. Slick raps from Tablo on the freestyle is a great change of pace on the album. God''s Latte is a banger. It may be my favorite song from the album. Once again it's short but it makes sure you remember it. While only clocking in at around 12 minutes, the EP is not much but it leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth. 

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Epik High - Strawberry Album Review Epik High - Strawberry Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Thursday, February 02, 2023 Rating: 5

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