Captain America and The Winter Solider


The initial previews and trailers gave perceptions that this was a show where Sam would pass on being Captain America. Leaving many to believe that Bucky or somebody else would pick up the shield. The writers did a great job of fooling us by actively showing how Sam did not want to be the one to carry on Steve's legacy. The culmination to Sam's crowning moment as Captain America was actually incredibly well done.

Sam Wilson aka Anthony Mackie absolutely crushed this series from start to finish. When Anthony Mackie was initially introduced as Falcon, I had a inkling that eventually the Falcon would become the Captain. Did I think Anthony Mackie could play that type of role ? I have to be honest no, but this series shut me up. Each episode seemed to grow Sam's character inch by inch, the writers even went into racial talking points at critical points in the series. I don't want to over praise the MCU for finally acknowledging race in their universe but that was a big deal.

Lets talk about the best parts about this series and the worst parts of this series. First, was easily the Dora Milaje pulling up. Second, was learning about Isaiah Bradley. The conversations between Sam and Isaiah were long overdue in the MCU, due to the fact we never seen two on screen black characters talk about the one sided superhero race. Third, was the ballad of John Walker. The mental breakdown from episode one to the final episode was excellently written to capture the fall into descent. Each scene involving John incorporated his inner imposter syndrome being brought to the forefront. The worst part of this series was easily the Flag Smashers, partly because most of their storyline seemed to be cut due to the on-going pandemic. Regardless, the Flag Smashers and Karli left a lot to be desired and joined a long list of forgettable villain's. Baron Zemo was way more compelling and should have had more of role in my opinion. 

What is next for the MCU ? Here are some questions to think about going forward..

- What does Valentina have in store for John Walker as the US Agent ? 

- Is Sharon Carter a skrull or actually the power broker ? I have to say the reveal of Sharon being the power broker was so terrible that I actually still don't believe it. A lot of her storyline does not make sense and I hope that they have a good reason for not explaining it.

- Is Zemo working with Valentina ?

- How will the MCU show Elijah Bradley become the Patriot and eventually the young avengers..?

- Where is Old Cap ????

- How does the ending of Captain America and The Winter Soldier connect to the end of WandaVision ? 

Unfortunately, We won't get any answers until June when Loki get's his turn in the spotlight...  


Captain America and The Winter Solider Captain America and The Winter Solider Reviewed by Casey A. on Monday, April 26, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. Great article man! Show was fun. I was also impressed by the fact that it "went there" about racial issues in America. Had some pacing issues and John Walker got off a lil too easy, but a solid effort overall.


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