Invincible is Trash

Invincible is trash. No, I'm not talking about the comic, I'm talking about Mark Grayson, a trash individual and a not very good hero. You know how this goes, I take something you really like and tell you why it is trash. Don't worry, if this is your first time I'll rip the bandage away quickly. Beware of spoilers, I shouldn't have to say that about a decade old comic, but there's your warning. Stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled. Here's why Mark Grayson is trash.

1. His real name is Markus Sebastian Grayson. Who spells "Marcus," with a "K," other than a psychopath? Kid was off to a bad start before he even got powers. He's not even the most famous Grayson, in his own series, or comics in general. That kind of jealousy breads evil, and adultery. 

2. He saved Dinosaurus because he thought the evil genius could do some good. Instead, the polar ice caps were melted and tens of millions of people died. His name is Dinosaurus, and you thought this guy was here to help humanity?

3. He's evil in most of the different universes and it doesn't concern him. He's on his way to being evil in the main universe too. Why? Because it doesn't bother him that 13859 other Mark Graysons have decided to be masters of their own universes. He's probably already evil and we don't know.

4. The man's weakness is a dog whistle. Seriously, an actual, literal, dog whistle. The high frequency would bring him crashing down to the ground. His ears can't handle high pitched sounds. A hero that can't even patrol the dog park.

5. The man can't decide if he wants to kill or not. Getting caught by Markus, is like playing Russian Roulette. Is he going to rip you in half over a minor offense because his blood lust is on, or is he going to send you to jail for mass murder?

6. The man is whole hypocrite, he can forgive his father for murdering an entire team of super heroes but can't forgive Rex for cheating on Eve. Man, you cheated on Eve.

7. The man's temper is no worse than his father's. Don't believe me, ask Angstrom.

8. Sometimes it isn't even anger. The man has temper tantrums and blames it on his Viltrumite DNA. He needs to learn to hold his breath and count to ten before exhaling slow.

9. He met Spider-Man and came to the realization, "we're not so different after all," as if he didn't read comics all the time. Markus was probably reading Spider-Man comics constantly. I'm not sure this wasn't a dream sequence.

10. I get it, Thragg is evil. Did that mean Markus needed to kill the man's son right in front of him? Straight up decapitation. Uncalled for.

11. Markus was acting just like his father when he manipulated Thragg into coming to Earth. Then when he was literally knocking Thragg's army into the great beyond, it was just a bunch of teenagers. Markus can talk it out with people who commit genocide but those teenagers are going to get what's coming to them.

12. He went to a high school named after Reginald VelJohnson. You'd think he'd be a little better with, Family Matters.

13. Mark could have saved millions of lives, instead he chose to go back in time to save his kid.

14. You know what, let's talk about Angstrom. He was a good guy, didn't cause any problems. Then Mark went and messed up his experiments and made him evil. Angstrom had to fight back to the side of good just to get killed in the end, because Markus couldn't mind his own business.

15. Cecil Stedman pimped his mind. Had Markus making all kinds of dumb deals. He should be ashamed of himself.

16. Mark was going to chill while Robot took over the world. He wasn't going to get involved at all. His daughter had to catch a two piece for him to say "maybe the world should be saved," didn't I tell y'all he was evil?

17. Oliver was looking to Markus for guidance, but Markus is a bum. Oliver almost ended humanity because Markus isn't a good hero.

18. The principal picked his name, and he just rolled with it. The crazy thing is the principal said he wasn't invincible, and it turns out he was right. Markus is not invincible.

19. The man went back in time to repair his mistakes, and faced no consequences. I don't really have anything else to say about. Wait, they called the arc "Reboot," and it was really an excuse for a time skip.

20. How can he keep calling himself Invincible when he's regularly getting beat into the ground. I saw people shocked over the cartoon finale, but that's nothing. The man is just, a punching bag and far from invincible. He's on the first name basis with death, only surviving through plot armor. Plot armor is undefeated, Markus is not.

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