Blerd Film Club: Soul Vengence

If you're scared to look at penis for an extended period of time or you're homophobic, just go somewhere else because this isn't for you. Welcome Home Brother Charles or Soul Vengence is a 1975 Blaxploitation horror film. A wrongfully convicted man is released from prison and uses his anaconda like prehensile penis to get revenge on those who wronged him. There's a lot of penis here, nobody should have this much penis. If you see this much penis just run, nothing good can come of it.

Charles is a drug dealer but he's set up and arrested by a crooked police officer named Harry Freeman. The officer beats Charles on the way the station but takes it a step further when he attempts to castrate Charles with a rusty pocket knife. This isn't his first time cutting off a Black man's penis. Charles goes to prison for three years and serves his time in solitary confinement where he goes insane. We learn that Harry hates Black men because his wife sleeps with Black men regularly since he'll "never be more of a man than that shriveled up thing down there." When Harry chokes her until she passes out she calls him a weak man because he couldn't even finish her off, then she leaves to sleep with another Black man.

Upon release Charles learns his girlfriend is now a dancer (it's not stripping but she's dancing for money) dating his best friend, he can't get a job because of his criminal record but he still refuses to sell drugs again. Charles is taken in by Carmen a wonderful prostitute. She had actually tried to help him earlier in the film when he was being arrested. Ironically, the judge who sentenced Charles had been trying to hire her as a prostitute. Carmen's pimp attempts to beat her but Charles beats him and takes his car, with the man assuming Charles was her new pimp. When Charles sees Harry on the news, he snaps and goes into rampage mode. He uses his monster penis to get revenge through murder.

I'll be honest, I was told to check this film out as it was one of the earliest Black horror films. I didn't get the horror until an hour in and realized what was happening. Nobody told me the horror would be this man's penis. The film summary did not say that is how revenge was coming. There's a lot of stuff in this film that has no real influence on the plot, but it can be interesting. There's a black and white montage made up of images and photos depicting Charles spending his time in solitary confinement which is rather jarring compared to the bright colors throughout the rest of the film.

Jamaa Fanaka wrote and directed this film and he should be applauded, even if this isn't a great film. He took the oversexualization of Black men and the stereotype of massive penises, plus the fear of Black men killing white women then made it into a hilarious film. It's a horror film for white people because these are legit things they still fear today. 

This is not a good movie, at all. Yet, it is a bad movie that I would call enjoyable. It's extremely goofy, and over the top. It provides plenty of laughs. Honestly, it's terrible as a horror film, but as a comedy, it's pretty good with the exception of the castration and wife beating scenes. 

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Blerd Film Club: Soul Vengence Blerd Film Club: Soul Vengence Reviewed by Darrell S. on Monday, February 22, 2021 Rating: 5

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