Hunter x Hunter is Trash

People sure do love Hunter x Hunter. I mean, it got two animes, people stick with it through multiple breaks, there's a diehard fan community. A lot of people feel like it's the best and that's fair enough. By now you know how this goes, I'm going to tell you why it sucks, why it's just plain trash. So here we are, 25 reasons Hunter x Hunter is trash.

1. Hisoka is a pedophile and we need to talk about this. Supposedly it's strong people that get him aroused but why are those strong people always kids?

2. No actual villains. Hisoka just wants to fight, Illium just wants to mess with his little brother. Even Meruem didn't want world domination. Phantom Troupe weren't behind the murders of Krapika's family and just wanted money for their home town which was literally a garbage dump. Who is the villain?

3. Gon confronted his dead beat father by saying "yeah bro, it's cool. I'd leave me too."

4. Hunter Exam arc was trash, we didn't see all the 1v1 fights and Killua just killed a guy so everyone got to be hunters at the end except the dead guy so the 1v1 fights meant nothing anyway. Sorry dead guy

5. Killua is the true star of the show. Gon, do better.

6. Kurapika is the last of his clan, seeking revenge. Wait, isn't that Sasuke?

7. Killua and Kurapika should see therapist. They have issues and are essentially sociopaths.

8. I know Komugi is blind, but she has to be able to feel the snot running down her nose. Get that girl a tissue.

9. No real moral code, just goes with whatever people around him do. Killing is bad, until Killua does it, then it's cool.

10. He carries a fishing rod everywhere. Are you catching fish at the bust stop? I think not.

11. The manga art is bad and the fight scenes in the anime can look silly, pick whichever anime you want. The fact that there's two should tell you enough.

12. No swag, style, fashion scenes etc. You know what I'm saying, he's a lame boy.

13. Dragon Quest. If you know, you know.

14. Leorio only wants money and is relatively weak. He's just Yamcha in a suit.

15. He's selfish, why has nobody taught him to share? He completely screws his friends at every turn if it means he gets what he wants.

16. An election worse than the 2016 United States presidential election.

17. Why don't we talk about his anger issues, every little thing makes him mad. Sure, some of it is understandable like when Kite dies but some of it is just ridiculous.

18. Too many tournaments already. Togashi loves his tournaments doesn't he?

19. Gon is out here seeking his father's love. Is he not Shinji?

20. Kite had to teach him what a personality was because he didn't have one before that.

21. No seriously, Hisoka is a pedophile.

22. Netero sacrificed his life to save the world and nobody cared.

23. Wait, this isn't a remake of Dragonball? Could have sworn that was Kid Goku

24. Not half as good as Yu Yu Hakusho.

25. Hiatus x Hiatus

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  1. None of these complaints are valid.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is. All of these are troll posts. If I wrote it and it ends with "is trash," it's a troll post. That's my thing.

  3. I honestly dont like the show I watch both 1999 and 2011 the dumb main character can't make up his mind for shyet and killian always act arrogant like hes a know it all but he barely fight in till the last arc but its completely useless except is "god" speed

  4. How does a show lacking villains make it bad?
    HxH story need a villain.
    That's not the point of the story

  5. This whole list was trash. Most of your complaints were petty and applied to most animes. And any other legitimate sounding complaints were addressed in both the anime and manga if you paid attention. Needing a villain for a story? Are you six? Six year olds require good and evil. The story makes it clear that it’s not so cut and dry. Tournaments? There was one. Kind of. But as you complained, you didn’t even get to see all the fights so how you mad? Pick one. HunterxHunter came before Naruto. And the show isn’t a pursuit of a father’s love. There’s four main characters which is why Kurapika got almost a whole season. And Gon explicitly says he wants to know what’s great about his father’s choice. Not wanting his father’s love.

    1. Get this guy a fishing pole, so he can reel in the joke.



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