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AEW is Trash

The people have spoken, AEW is a hit. The new wrestling company has done what IMPACT and ROH couldn't given WWE a run for their money in the United States. It houses some of the biggest stars from other companies, Kenny Omega from NJPW, Jon Moxley from WWE, Brian Cage from IMPACT, Young Bucks from ROH, and Christopher Daniels from everywhere. The people love it, but it's trash. Let's just keep it real, here's why:

1. Tony Khan is just Florida Dixie Carter, someone who loves wrestling and has that long money.

2. They really let Jericho play concerts all weekend for bikers then go wrestle on Wednesday without a COVID test knowing it could take two weeks for symptoms to appear. Oh, there was an outbreak by the way. #ALittleBitOfTheCOVID

3. They're the only company with a World Championship that did not derive from the NWA world's championship, and hasn't been defended internationally. Is it really a world championship if it never leaves Florida? AEW Jacksonville Championship is more like it.

4. They named a championship belt, after the channel they're on. What kind of corny Russo nonsense is that? You never saw the FOX champion on SmackDown or the POPSPIKEAXS Championship on Impact. 

5. The Young Bucks aren't even from cashville, how am I supposed to trust them?

6. Hangman has a drinking problem and it should be treated seriously not as comic relief.

7. They probably got Dave Meltzer on the payroll. If McMahon is paying Satin, then Khan is paying Meltzer.

8. How are half their story lines on on BTE? Ain't nobody watching all that. Y'all really trying to give us supplemental viewing?

9. They can't even keep their talent to their own shows. Britt Baker be all over NXT, I just saw Brian Cage on IMPACT last week and Jon Moxley be all over WWE Backstage. Get control of your people.

10. Nobody wants to see Cody's dog all the time.

11. AEW likes to pretend they're the under dogs, so they always mention WWE, AAA and NJPW, but they never mention IMPACT or ROH because that would show fans that they aren't really the under dog. You're not slick.

12. AJ Gray said AEW didn't have enough black men in singles competition, and fans responded by harassing Chris Bey on Twitter...because all Black wrestlers look alike.

13. AEW fans are wild on Twitter, like WWE role play and stan accounts are strange, but AEW fans will threaten to murder you.

14. Y'all still harassing Kylie Rae? 

15. The Elite didn't leave the Bullet Club, they got kicked out.

16. MJF is just Jewish EC3 with a scarf. He got all his money by making you all think he was original. 

17. Tony Khan keeps tweeting about the ratings; it's all he tweets about, this is why the fans love ratings more than wrestling.

18. I have never heard anyone talk about how good a match in AEW is but always the ratings. Do they wrestle there?

19. They made this huge deal about standing against racism, being the most progressive company in pro wrestling, banning Hulk Hogan and any other racist for life. Then they didn't say anything about Excalibur using the N Word, he just took some personal days. They didn't say anything about the constant racist abuse Brandy receives from fans. They were just talking.

20. They really named their company after a trash stable. Imagine if WWE named NXT after New Nexus.

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