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Hyolyn - Say My Name Album Review


Singer/Song-writer Hyolyn has returned with her second EP "Say My Name". After 4 years from her last EP and 7 years since her debut album. After splitting from Idol group "SISTAR", Hyolyn has dropped high quality songs since. With her new EP, Hyolyn seeks to continue carving her own path.

The album boasts three new songs and three previously released tracks; Dally, Bae, See Sea. Starting with "Morning Call" Hyolyn reminds us just how beautiful her voice is. The song does a great job at setting the standard for the rest of the album. Top notch vocals with matching production, high energy and catchy lyrics. 

Of course Hyolyn couldn't just give us songs like "Morning Call" and "See Sea", she had to give us bops in the form of "Say My Name" and "Dally". The former is a catchy, reggae, island style song about grinding. The latter is about a break up yet it has you dropping it low while listening. 

I've been a fan of Hyolyn since 2011. I didn't know what to expect going into the album as each release over the years has been different from the last. While there are no ballad tracks or slower R&B joints on the album, the upbeat pop tracks with trendy bass lines match perfectly with her joyous voice. With this release, not only am I enjoying her music, I'm looking forward to her future releases. Hyolyn has made it clear that she's refined her skills and isn't hiding any talents with this album. Out of 5 stars, I rate this album a 3/5. 

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