My Top 5 All-Time Least Favorite Wrestling Finishing Moves

Over the years that I have watched wrestling, I have seen many powerful finishing finishing moves from the fireman’s carry facebuster aka F5 to the high impact spear aka Goldberg version.

But I have also seen many wrestling finishing moves that I just couldn’t stand because either they look stupid or they are not very powerful finishers at all.

Here are my top 5 all-time least favorite finishing moves.

1. Running Leg Drop - This traditional move that Hulk Hogan used throughout his wrestling career especially in The WWE and WCW was not a great finishing move by any means because it would’ve been a finishing move had it been a much bigger wrestler doing it, but the fact that Hogan did it and opponents not kicking out of it just absolutely made sick. Hogan should have definitely came up with a much better finishing move than the traditional running leg drop that any wrestler can do as a regular move, not a finishing move.

2. The People’s Elbow - The Rock had a great run during The WWE’s Attitude Era and was one of the company’s biggest stars alongside other big stars like Austin, Undertaker, Triple H, and Mankind. While his Rock Bottom is one of the most powerful finisher moves in the history of wrestling, but The People’s Elbow certainly was not because it’s basically a souped up running elbow drop that basically any wrestler can do. While it may look flashy on TV, but the move was never really all that impressive.

3. Attitude Adjustment - I absolutely hated Cena’s cheesy, redundant, and whack pseudo-rapper gimmick because it’s reflective of the cultural exploitation of black culture that’s been going on for decades. What I hated worse than his cheesy whack gimmick was his finishing move that’s basically a variation of the Death Valley Driver and his version of the move wasn’t all that powerful as it had no intensity to it as evidenced when the move was buried at the 2017 No Mercy PPV when Roman Reigns kicked out of it at least three times.

4. Knee To Face - I have always hated seeing certain wrestlers doing knee to face finishers because not only is it too dangerous, but it looks absolutely stupid as hell to use as a finishing move. From Chris Jericho’s “Codebreaker”, CM Punk’s “Go To Sleep”, to Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Knee”

5. Traditional Wrestling Moves - I am definitely not a big fan of certain wrestlers who use traditional wrestling moves as finishing moves because it’s not too impressive and it looks absolutely stupid and I’m referring to Bobby Lashley’s vertical suplex “finisher” to Bayley’s “Bayley To Belly”.

The Conclusion - There are many finishing moves that are more better than using traditional ones like the running leg drop, vertical suplex, and belly to belly suplex.

By Kwame Shakir
My Top 5 All-Time Least Favorite Wrestling Finishing Moves My Top 5 All-Time Least Favorite Wrestling Finishing Moves Reviewed by Blerds Online on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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