What A Time To Be Alive for Music

People listen to music. People listen to all genres of music including music from other countries like myself. I listen to the big 4 genres, Rock, HipHop, Pop and R&B in English, Japanese and Korean. I'm 20 years old and I've been listening to Japanese music since 2010 and Korean music since 2012. Throughout the years I've dabbled in Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Bangladeshi, Italian, and French music. After careful consideration and the use of Drake and Future's collaboration Mixtape title, I've come to the conclusion that now is the greatest time to be alive for music.

As a Young Adult I not only have a catalog for currently promoting artist and the occasional Veteran artist like Mary J Blige dropping new music ever so often but I also have the back catalogs of the greatest artist in History. At any point in my day I can go from listening to he latest Kendrick Lamar album to listening to "Bad" by Michael Jackson, then to "When I'm Alone I Cry" by Marvin Gaye and back to "Summertime 06" by Vince Staples. I have the luxury to hear the old and new of music.

Speaking of the old and new, I get to hear just how much music has evolved. Since its inception, HipHop has changes a lot. From Boombap to Trap to the newer more modern mix of HipHop and R&B. I can listen to that change and feel its evolution. Rock has an almost infinite amount of forms in subgenres and fusions. Imagine being born in 1960's and could only listen to Garage, Pop, and British Invasion. Now imagine being born in 2010's and could listen to Psychedelic, Punk, Heavy Metal and Indie Rock. You'd then have a plethora of music to listen to.

So on top of having a crazy amount of music in back catalogs, you have all of the great musical genres and artist of this day and age to listen to. In theory one should never be bored of music. If you're like me, you may listen to music in other languages. Once I got into Korean music I had the back catalog and current music as well. One of my favorite Korean albums is "Step Under The Metro" by P'Skool, a Jazz and HipHop band released in 2006. That album is a classic and it it were not for all of the genres that came before, that album could not have ever been created. I could be listening to P'Skool then switch to the newest Dok2 album "Reborn" and jam out to the good beats and great raps.

As I said earlier, music has evolved overtime giving us more music fusions and combos. We currently live in an age where Trap meets Dream Pop or Country meets R&B. We have that luxury or multiple combinations. On top of all the things I've said so far, we also have the luxury of listening to music that captures art and has a message whether it be politics or going through personal problems such as "To Pimp A Butterfly"or "Awaken, My Love" but you also have the option of just jamming out to "Lil Boat" or "HNDRXX" with friends.

Music will always be with us so enjoy it as it is. Its possible to listen to music that you have to digest or it makes you think and feel a certain way while also listening to music that is mostly played in clubs or on the radio. Stop stressing over people that have shitty on opinions on what "you" should be listening to. Listen to what you want to listen to and be smooth.

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