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Poem: Glad I'm Gone by Garser Dismuke

Demented, tormented 
Crashed and bashed 
Smacked and whacked 
Slapped and whapped  
Love and shoved  
To the side like a rag 
And bagged 
Thrown into the dumps 
Sleeping in the slumps 
Hoping, moping 
Silent and violent 
Crying and dying 
Wishing, missing you 
Like my left shoe 
Sued by you of love you shoved to the 
Bide by me that you care 
To share your feelings 
Dealing with me, she left and 
Never came back, black is what 
I see without you 
Do you remember me? 
See me sitting here all alone 
Blown by the wind  
Pinned to a pole 
Stole by a mouse that took me to a house 
with a girl who curled with me 
And brought my spirit back 
Hacked my soul and gave me love 
She didn't shove put pushed me closer 
To her heart 
Start grieving and scheming to get me back 
Black witch 

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