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Strawberry 100% Volume 19 Review: Finally

Chapters 162-167

So I finally got around to finishing the volume and writing the review. This volume had me on edge because I didn't know what was going to happen. I couldn't formulate a single conclusion for myself. So the volume starts with where we left off with the last volume. Yui walks in an thinks they are cheating so she goes off on the day before the exam to Junpei and on the next day to Aya. So Aya meets with Junpei after the exam and she basically tells him goodbye. She doesn't want to be in a relationship with him and that that was it. They don't even talk until graduation which is 15 days after they "broke up". I was surprised because she took the initiative again to tell him how she felt and it was that she's moving on. Not a lot of women in any genre of fiction have that closure of stopping and removing them self from those situations for the better of themselves. That's cool as hell. When she sent him the novels in the envelope with the sequel I damn near cried. Great moment.

During the 15 days before graduation, Junpei and Nishino live it up before she goes to France and they also break up. Graduation comes and Aya delivers a great speech about her memories with the group (gang gang) and how she'll never forget them. They all make a pact to meet each other when they are all successful at Satsuki's restaurante. 4 years pass and everyone looks the same except for Isuzu and Junpei. Junpei looked like a grown man but Isuzu, Isuzu looked so beautiful that she became my favorite character right there. She looked better than everyone there. So they all chop it up, everyone is pretty successful in their field but the ending was a shocker for me because I still though Junpei was going to end up with Aya. No, he ended up with Nishino.

Its weird because I wanted him to end up with Nishino but I really thought Aya was going to swoop in and take him away because she was the main female character. This ending was not typical at all. Congrats to the mangaka here. I love this series a lot. I thought it was solid despite the few flaws here and there. The ending was great and there are tons of great moments throughout the series to make me smile like a baby. I would definitely recommend this series to everyone.


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