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5 More Incredibly Ridiculous Feats from Superman

Superman is fucking ridiculous and for some reason I still feel like people aren't taking him serious.I know Dragon Ball Super has you extreamly hype about Goku screaming new abilities into existence, but it doesn't matter. I know you think Saitama is invincible these days, but Superman would not sweat him either.

1. Holding a black hole with his hands: Do you know how strong a black hole is? It's very strong, I majored in finance not space science, why would I know exactly how strong it is? What I do know is that when you or I come into contact with a black hole we're fucked. But not Superman, he grips it in his palm like it's nothing.

2. Moves another solar system: It took Goku over a year to make it back to Earth from Namek. Superman just moves a solar system every year like it's his damn job. He doesn't even need a steel chain to move this one, he just man handled it. Then when he's done it's just "better make sure Batman isn't screwing up."

3. Punches Death: Superman died once. He didn't like it very much so he came back to life. How did he get revenge? Well he ripped Doomsday in half. Then he broke through space, time and several dimensions so he could punch death in the face for the disrespect. He's not walking around with a halo like Goku, no he's beating up death for even thinking he could come for him.

4. Can't be erased from history: I don't even know how this is a power. But, Superman can't be erased from history. Even if the timeline is altered, you can erase Batman from every existing. You can't do that to Superman because he's that super. That means he basically exists outside of space and time somehow. How is that even possible? I don't even know.

5. Moves planet Krypton while under a red sun: Now, to be fair, he used a machine to do it. However he used himself as the power source, under a red sun that weakens him. On top of that, the planet Krypton dwarfs the planet of Jupiter yet is a solid planet with mega gravity. He bench pressed Earth for 5 days straight with no rest so why wouldn't he be able to do this? I don't know. Superman is just fucking ridiculous.

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