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So I create playlists all the time for different moods, times of the day and seasons, and based of genre. I have tons of playlists dedicated to specific things and I just wanted to share them with you. These playlist consist or Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Indie and in 3 Languages which are English, Korean and Japanese. I have something for everyone in these playlist so go ahead and take a listen. You might find new artist that you like.

The Jay Park Playlists
If you know Jay Park then you know he does pretty much any genre that he likes. Sadly, a lot of people only like his R&B or Hip Hop, or Pop. Well I created 3 Playlist that are curated to all 3 of these genres. There's the Jay Park; Hip Hop, R&B and Pop playlist on Spotify. In Hip Hop you'll here 1hunnit Remix, in R&B you'll here Joah, and in Pop you'll here I Like 2 Party. All 3 Playlists at your disposal on Spotify. The names are Jay Park: Pop, Jay Park: Hip Hop, and Jay Park: R&B and my user name is Tyrone Dismuke.

Chill Block
The Chill Block Playlists features Korean, American and Japanese Artist. It's designed for you to chill out while you listen to it. I made for nights that I couldn't sleep and needed help or if you just want to vibe out. It features songs like F(x) - Rude Love, Zion T's Neon, Arctic Monkey's R U Mine, and Tyler The Creator's She. I guarantee this list will calm you down to help you fall asleep, study and just vibe out when you wanna get drunk and chill by yourself. You can find it on Spotify.

Female Power Hour: Rap
This list is dedicated to Female MC's. Here you can raps about any subject in 3 languages. I made this playlist just for them. You'll find Dej Loaf, KittieB, Hyuna, SleeQ, CL, Gifted Gab and tons more. I also need to add tons of music because only recent songs are here but this playlist keeps to a standard of top notch rapping from the Female MC's. You can find the list on Spotify.

Female Power Hour: Singing
This playlist is basically the same ass the one above but just for singing. I loaded this list with songs that showcases the greatest ability of the artist voice so expect ballad and slow songs to fill the majority of this list. Here you'll find Mamamoo, Mary J Blige, Alessia Cara, Taeyeon and more. The list can be found on Spotify.

Car Jams
There are 3 car Jams playlists called Car Jams: Morning Version - Morning Glory, Night Version - Serene Sirens, and Midday Version - T U. The morning playlist is made to help you wake up in the morning and start your day. The Midday list was made for turn up songs and the Night versions is here for the different feelings and thoughts one goes through during the night. For examples I have Silver Spoon by BTS in the Midday, These Walls by Kendrick Lemar in Night Version and Verbal Jint in the Day Version. These 3 can be found on Spotify.

Bias Blasters
My Bias Blasters playlists is full of my bias groups in K-Pop. I have all the albums and solo projects from Wonder Girls, Kara, SISTAR, 2NE1, 4Minute, EXID, and Mamamoo. I have everything from the beginning of their careers, the middle, currently and for some, the end. If you love these groups this is a playlist that you want to be apart of. You can find it on Itunes and my user name is Garser Dismuke.

Fully Free From Seoul
This list was made because I wanted to combine both of Rapper B-Free's Free From Seoul EP. I meshed all 12 songs into one album in the best way I saw it. I love the album I was able to create so if you enjoyed both FFS EP's why not listen to them in one place that has them planned accordingly? Also both albums are really good so check them out. You can find this playlist on Itunes.

Monthly Jams
So I do this thing called Top 10 Songs of the Month here on Blerds and I decided to put them into a playlist. There are 2 playlists, one on Itunes and the other on Youtube by the same name. The lists were created by me picking my favorite 10 songs plus some extras on occasion from the month. Its been going fro 16 months so far so and has over 144 songs in the Itunes list and 82 in the Youtube lists. The Youtube  list was for visual purposes as the songs with videos and liver versions are here. Some songs won't be found in either because they may be free songs on Soundcloud or so, so check out the lists on Blerds to find out about all of the songs.

So here are the playlist that I have created. All of them are constantly on under construction as I need to upload new and old music to them all. Feel free to subscribe, follow and like them all. And most importantly share them with the world. Be on the lookout for my other playlists coming in the future.

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