Sasuke Is Trash

 Sasuke is the last living Uchiha when the Naruto Series begin and throughout he becomes one of the strongest ninja ever. Going on to help bring peace to all of the villages hidden in things like leaves and mist. Despite crossing over to the dark side he managed to return as a force of good. Sasuke is a complicated man. However, one thing isn't very complicated. Sasuke is trash.

1. We get it, you're the last of the Uchiha Clan, why do you keep telling us? Ten Ten's clan has been wiped off the face of the Earth and she doesn't constantly tell us about it.

2. Naruto just wanted to be his friend and Sasuke was an asshole about it from the jump always talking about how he was better than Naruto

3. I'm pretty sure he as an emotionally abusive relationship with Sakura. He treats her like trash even after they get together and settle down.

4. All of his jutsu were done by someone else first. Why don't you come up with some of your own jutsu since you're such a great ninja

5. Almost his entire life can be described as "Itachi did it first."

6. He wanted to be Hokage and thought he had a legit chance. Kiba had more of a chance when he said he wanted to be Hokage

7. He always tries to make a grand entrance like during the chunin exams when he shows up with Kakashi in the sudden whirlwind of leaves

8. He treats Karin like shit too, actually I'm starting to think he treats all women like shit

9. He doesn't have any friends until the end when he finally accepts Naruto and Sakura as friends. He could have had friends but he was an asshole.

10. After the events of Naruto and everyone is grown up, Sasuke is a 36 year old emo kid still. I bet he listens to Panic At the Ramen Shop, but only the old stuff when they were good and not motivated by greed.

11. He called Naruto his best friend, but he did kill Naruto, and then almost killed him again on the exact same day. Later he tried to kill him yet again. Maybe I don't know how friendship works but I'm not exactly trying to kill my friends

12. He also tried to kill Sakura because she made him weak.

13. His daughter had to go on a mission to find him, because she never met him in real life. Talk about deadbeat dad.

14. He didn't even have the worst life in the story like he kept claiming he did. Yes, his clan was murdered by his brother. Zabuza was raised from birth to be a killer then he was forced to fight all his friends to the death. Sasuke just found some bodies who were plotting to overthrow the government. Zabuza murdered all of his friends

15. His actions led to his brother's death

16. His actions caused the war

17. He's basically a confederate who betrayed and then attacked his village

18. To quote Rock Lee "All his power was handed to him," and it was. All of his Jutsu are either his father's, Itachi's, Kakashi's or Orichimaru's. On top of that his most powerful too the Sharingan is something he was born with. Then he's given the curse mark to boost his level again. He never had to train as hard as Lee or fight the battles Naruto did or even study as hard as Sakura, it was all handed to him.

19. He killed Itachi, then did the exact opposite of what Itachi told him to do

20. His parents were killed and now he seeks to avenge their deaths by any means possible even if means working with nefarious groups and doing things that may be considered wrong. He wants to be Batman so bad.

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  1. "After the events of Naruto and everyone is grown up, Sasuke is a 36 year old emo kid still. I bet he listens to Panic At the Ramen Shop, but only the old stuff when they were good and not motivated by greed." BRUH LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, great article!

  2. Sasuke was a bitch. He was the anime personification of privilege. He had every advantage and was still a lame.
    Meanwhile my nigga Rock Lee was putting in that good work, dude couldn't even use Ninjutsu and was still a beast, 'cause he threw them hands and didn't whine like that BAN like Sasuke

  3. Sasuke was the anime personification of privilege. He had every advantage and was still a lame. Unlike my nigga Rock Lee who couldn't even use ninjutsu and was still serving up them hands.

  4. Sasuke is truly a overrated and stale character at he work for nothing and spent most of his life bitching about how his whole family was killed like that didn't happen to loads of bloodline users in Kiri

  5. Fact: Vaccines are effective
    Fact: The earth is round
    Fact: Sasuke is a garbage human being who tries to shit on the likes of Naruto and the amazing Rock Lee because they actually have to work for their power and strength. And then he gets butt hurt when he's weaker than them.

    1. Rock Lee was the beginning of the end for that man. Embarrassed him in front of everyone. Sasuke didn't know how to come back. He couldn't.

  6. As bad as he may be, I'm just like Sakura and I have a crush on an anime character..

  7. Sasuke is like that kid in the class that tries to be cool

  8. Sasuke is not god damn trash hes the best character in the naruto series

  9. sasuke is LEGEND, kids dont cry and say sasuke is trash

    1. LOl right now sasuke fanboy losers like you are crying like toddlers and bitches after seeing this article. You losers cannot handle the fact many of us don't like that emo edgy dumbass and suck off his dick like u retards

  10. This whole article is trash, the examples they explain is so stupid. All I can really say is lol. If u going to make a article to trash a character, make at least good examples plz.

    1. Glad you got a laugh. Kind of the point when I write these lists.

  11. Tentens clan was not killed. The girl doesn’t even have a damn last name where did you get that from??? And other clans were gone in naruto too but none were taken out by planned genocide and none of the survivors of those clans had a brother that basically groomed you and traumatized you into being hateful and revenge seeking for your whole life like itachi. So if you’re gonna have a problem with sasuke it doesn’t make sense to like the very person who made him that way to begin with


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