Jun Hyo Sung - Colored Album Review

Jun Hyo Sung has come back with her 2nd Mini Album Colored. This album features 6 brand new tracks co-written by Hyo Sung. The first song is Follow me which is a classic pop song to get you moving your body. I personally don't dance to it as much but it is a good song to tap your foot to. Hyo Sung's voice is pretty stable as it doesn't do bounds but sticks to the theme of being a nice opener to the album. I enjoy the song but it is definitely my least favorite song on the album.

The second song is also the lead single. Find Me is a song about Hyosung finding herself in what seems to be a one sided love affair featuring rapper D.Action. I love this song a lot. At the moment it is my favorite but that could change because I'm still listening to the album. So Good and Dear Moon are really good. Rarely is the lead single or title song my favorite but this is one of those cases. The lyrics are sincere without sounding too cliche and the beat is just right for this type of song. It's trying to be this song that is dance-able at the same time trying to mean something. It is definitely working. This song can be compared to Into You and Good Night Kiss as the banger or sort of the album. The only thing I don't like is the rapping. No shade to D.Action but it was lackluster and brought the song down a couple notches. The rapping is pretty forgettable.

The next song is Busted. At this point you know the rest of the album is following a certain sound that was also relevant in her last releases. This is a good thing because she is sticking to her roots but in her next release, she will have to spice things up. Busted is pretty good and has a retro feeling to it with some nice sounds from different drums. It reminds me a little of a Red Velvet song that could have been on The Velvet. So Good is next with its R&B flavor. Its slower compared to the beginning of the album and is transitioning us into the sincere part of the album. I like So Good a lot. The chorus is my favorite.

Dear Moon and Hello end the album on a relaxing note. The entire album was easy on the ears, has great transitioning, and a cohesive sound. The guitar on Deer Moon is my favorite part. It begins in a different sound for Hyosung and fits the theme of the song perfectly. The guitar is amazingly soothing. I could just listen to the instrumental of this album alone. Ending the album with Hello is great because it was slow but still catchy enough to move to.

After listening to the album and analyzing it, I rate this album a 3/5. Hyosung has perfected the sound she is going for and as it is fine now, with her future releases she needs to switch things up production wise or make more songs like Taxi Driver and 5 More minutes. Relatable yet sincere songs like Taxi driver and song to endlessly dance to like 5 More Minutes are needed to keep things fresh. I enjoyed FANTASIA more but overall this was a good solid album that is remaining on repeat.


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Jun Hyo Sung - Colored Album Review Jun Hyo Sung - Colored Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, March 28, 2016 Rating: 5

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