Top 10 Times Wendy Williams Got Shut Down

Wendy Williams has made a career on other people's drama. However sometimes she finds herself involved in some of that drama. Now I'm not saying Wendy Williams does this to herself but she kind of does. She's been caught purposely attempting to get under people's skin. Sometimes she goes digging too far and other time she blatantly lies about things. All in the pursuit of a news story and hoping she gets another boost. I can't really judge because I'm obviously writing about her because I know it'll boost traffic. Anyway, sometimes Wendy's poking and prodding goes south. Sometimes people fire back at her. Some with what considered be nice shots like Nas or Matha Stewart. Some like Diddy have actually fucked up her life. I thought I would put together a list of ten times people decided to completely shut down Wendy Williams.

1. Nas - Living In Pain

Back when Wendy Williams was still doing a radio show she had Nas on as a guest and things seemed mostly okay during the interview. However the next day she started saying that Nas was acting weird and was clearly under the influence of PCP. Then she claimed her "sources" stated that Nas was actually a frequent user of PCP. Instead of getting mad about it on the song Living in Pain, also featuring another one Wendy's beefs Diddy, Nas simply states "Wendy Williams say I stay dusted maybe I should." This was enough to get Wendy to apologize and invite him on her TV show a few years later. See we're just doing nice jabs right now. You can check the song out below.

2. Martha Stewart - Don't Say My Age

Fun fact, Wendy Williams and Rachel Ray film in the studio where Martha Stewart used to film her show. Someone, put out a story that Martha was disgusted with what has come of her old studio. But nobody wants to own up to it. I'm not here for that tho. Martha did an interview with Wendy and it started off sour. Martha didn't like Wendy randomly bringing up her age and didn't bother putting Wendy in her place to start. She also didn't like Wendy asking what kind of man she liked. Martha and ignoring Martha plugging her book, which she was there for. There's a lot of shade as the people say in this interview. At one point Wendy says "I went to charm school" and Martha just responds "mmmmmm." There's also the point where Wendy asks "Why are you writing a wedding book if you've never been married," and Martha informs Wendy "I've been writing about weddings for twenty years in my magazine." Later Martha introduces Wendy to foods like Chic-peas and points out Wendy sounds silly by being shocked that cherries are firm.

3. Judge Mathis - That's Why You Had 8 Abortions

Have you ever seen Judge Mathis? He doesn't play. The interview started with Judge Mathis accusing Wendy of being a drug addict. I don't even know how this interview happened because he had another interview with her in the past that didn't go well. Wendy Williams being disrespectful didn't go over well because Judge Mathis likes to roast. She probably shouldn't have started claiming that he was not only cheating on his wife but he got another woman pregnant while doing cocaine. You can peep the interview below, at 6 minutes everything goes bad, but here are some quotes:

"Now we know why you had all those eight abortions"

"I don't let anyone check me and that's what you're getting a real good checking"

"You think you can get folks on your show and talk to them any kind of way. Well that's why I do on my show and my show has higher ratings than yours."

"Are you still getting high because I just saw you leaving the bathroom looking high, in fact you got white powder around your nose right now"

"I have never used cocaine, you have admitted to using cocaine. Secondly you still show symptoms of being addicted to cocaine."

"I need to check you into rehab and pray for you."

"You picked the wrong one. Thought you were going to raise your ratings on a real star"

"We can take phone calls. Yes sir"

BONUS ROUND: Charlemagne The God was Wendy's cohost during this time. He attempted to cover up the judge with silly sound effects and yelling things like "Order in the court" well at 16:10 he goes in on Charlemagne too.

"This little nasty hoodlum with his pants below his butt showing the nasty drawls he clearly hasn't washed"

"He looks like one of the prison homosexual that want to be someone's wife. I'll get him a husband because he looks soft anyway"

4. Whitney Houston - If This Was Back in The Day in Newark I'd Meet You Outside

This interview is famous because Wendy kept asking if Whitney Houston smoked crack, funny because that's the pot calling the kettle black. But, people never get to the point where Whitney threatens to beat her ass. Yeah, Whitney said there was a time where she would have been outside waiting for Wendy. How do you make Whitney Houston threaten to give you the work?

5. Omarosa - Did You Have A Nose Job

Omarosa called Wendy out for having people on her show just to talk trash and Wendy didn't take it well. So Omarosa, like Judge Mathis started hitting back. Asking about a nose job and pointing out that she isn't afraid of Wendy even getting cheers from the crowd. At the end Wendy thanked her for being on the show after sitting calmly while she got laid into.

6. Diddy - You Got Fired On Your Day Off

Wendy Williams constantly spread rumors that Diddy was gay and he had BIG killed. I mean constantly. According to Wendy herself Diddy called the radio station and had her fired in 1998. I'm not saying it's true but Wendy did stop making up rumors about Diddy being gay and having BIG killed. Hey, you got a TV show and that's a good move right? Wendy claims that she and Diddy have squashed the beef. Diddy on the other hand claims he doesn't know her.

7. Lil Kim - Let's Get It

Lil Kim had some surgery done. That's cool. What's not cool is Wendy having pictures of Lil Kim photoshopped to air on her show. The pictures made Kim's surgery look like they went wrong in every way possible. The images also had Lil Kim looking about 100 pounds heavier, when compared to with the images from other media outlets on the same night it's clear that Wendy's photos were edited. You can clearly see Wendy had the photos doctored. In fact she admitted to having them doctored on her show and felt no remorse about it. So how did Lil Kim respond? She let off some tweets promising to beat Wendy Williams up the moment she catches her. I would believe it because she did send the goons after Charlemagne, who used to be Wendy's right hand man. Say what you want about Lil Kim just know eventually you will have to suffer the consequences. Some of the tweets can also be found below.

But things change and maybe Kim did reach out and have Wendy touched because here's a clip of her show from recently where calls Lil Kim gorgeous. A long way from making fun of her and getting threatend.

8. Method Man - Don't Attack My Fucking Family

Method Man is a good guy. He's been with the same woman faithfully since at least 1995. The song "All I Need is You" is about her. They're one of the few rap relationships to last. No break babies or anything. However, Method Man does not put his family in that spotlight because he doesn't want people in his business like that. Well Wendy Williams didn't understand that. So when Method Man and his family were quietly dealing with his wife's cancer Wendy thought it was a good idea to tell the world, when most of the family didn't even know yet.

Method Man is usually a calm guy but when asked about it he was clearly pissed about the issue. On one occasion he told the story about finding out about Wendy while in the studio. Stating he was so mad that he was crying in anger, it was also the only time he ever thought about putting his hands on a woman and that he was going to kill her but other other members of Wu-Tang locked him in the studio so he didn't leave and do something crazy. In a separate interview below he talks about it as well. I just want to note that Method Man's wife did beat the cancer and while she never spoke on the topic again, Wendy Williams never apologized.

9. Will Smith - I'll buy Your Radio Station And Send You home

Now you know I love me some diss tracks. Did you know Will Smith made a diss track to Larry Elder, who called Will and Uncle Tom, and Wendy Williams who stated a lot about him. She's said Will was secretly gay, constant jokes about his family and so and so on. In the track Mr. Nice Guy he addresses her personally with:
Wendy Williams, you don't know me, I'm not your punching bag, you gonna blow me up, girl better leave me alone, before I buy your radio station and send you home, yo, it's a warning shot over the bough, truth be told, this ain't my style, you gotta understand some stuff a man can't allow, you better chill before you climb a tree you can't get down
She's definitely talked about Will and his family a lot less since then.

10. TuPac- Why You Turn On Me

So Tupac went to jail. Wendy said he was getting raped in jail every day.  She also said he got shot in his penis and it no longer worked. She was really having a field day with the stories while he was in jail. When he got out of jail he releases the song Why You Turn On Me aimed at a lot of former friends and media personalities including Wendy. Here's some quotes about Wendy from the track:

Said I got raped in jail, picture that, revenge is a payback bitch, get your gat, fuck Wendy Williams and I pray you choke, on the next dick down your throat
I put Jenny Craig on your fat ass, you fat troll
I'm puttin Jenny Craig on you bitch, I'm about to put a twenty-thousand dollar, hit, through Jenny Craig to come find yo' ass and put you in a fat farm
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