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20 Benefits of Black Privilege

There's been a lot of talk about black privilege lately. The opposite of white privilege. Now, a lot of black people just don't realize the privilege we have as black people. So, I sat down and thought I would give you some of the benefits of black privilege that. Here are 20 of the best benefits of black privilege.

  1. When you visit stores, people always follow you around just in case you need help.
  2. The police are so concerned about you getting home safely they will constantly pull you over to check on your well being.
  3. Police care about you so much they are in your neighborhoods always watching out for you.
  4. People care about your family life so much they constantly ask "so is your dad in the picture?"
  5. Having your entire history condensed into the shortest month of the year so that it's convenient to learn.
  6. Getting an extra day in Black History Month every 4 years.
  7. People constantly cheer you on to get over slavery because they don't want you to worry your little head.
  8. There's at least 40 different pronunciations for your name because Tchaikovsky is easy to say and boring. Having a ton of ways to say Tierra is just black privilege.
  9. Working twice as hard to get half as much just builds character
  10. Making less money for the same jobs helps balance budgets
  11. When people ask about black on black crime they really are worried about the lives of black people.
  12. When you're the only black person in a room it's a privilege to be soaking up the white man's air and knowledge.
  13. Saying the word "nigga," "nigger," or any other variations is a privilege since others can't use it. We didn't make that word up.
  14. When the media calls peaceful protest "race riots" it's a privilege because there will be more cameras and police protect you.
  15. When tear gas is launched at protesters it's because it makes you cry and sometimes our eyes get dry.
  16. Having black churches and HBCUs and Negro College Funds is privilege. Where's the Caucasian College Fund?
  17. BET.
  18.  Kylie Jenner bringing "boxer braids" and "plump lips" to the forefront. Thank Kylie, she made black beautiful for you.
  19. Lead in your water. That's not an essential element. Now you have an extra one.
  20. Extra leg muscle that makes black people good at sports.
So those were 20 privileges that black people have. Do you have another privilege that black people need to address? Leave a comment and tell me what your black privilege is.

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  1. S/O to all of white men out there that keep us away from their daughters because they know what's best for us.

  2. How can you forget the ability to have rhythm & we are always so cheerful. Of course we are also culinary phenoms. I mean look at what we do with fried chicken & fried everything!

    1. You are so right, our privilege expands so much further. We truly are so privileged.

  3. When white folks lock their car doors and grab their phones they're actually protecting us from them.

    We're also walking balls of sunshine because they smile so widely and nod when we approach. We just brighten their day, it's not a defense mechanism at all, folks.

  4. Shout out to the white people calling us monkeys. I love Harambe!

  5. This was clearly a joke, funny. I'm White and black privilege does exist, but this is clearly a joke. ='D

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