Welcome to MUT 16 on Blerds Online! Jordan runs this series and occasionally has guests as he tries to conquer the Madden 16 Ultimate Team world. In this episode, I'm not even gonna play with your emotions. This game doesn't count. 3 games in and I feel like quitting. There is a game winner though, but like I said, it doesn't count and EA has wasted all of our time. Do me a favor and tell them about it, especially on Twitter @EAMaddenNFL. Thanks! Subscribe for more. Like, favorite, and comment for faster uploads. Share with friends to help grow the channel and increase the quality for you guys!

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GAME BREAKING GLITCH - F*ck @EAMaddenNFL - MUT 16 Ep. #3 GAME BREAKING GLITCH - F*ck @EAMaddenNFL - MUT 16 Ep. #3 Reviewed by Jordan T. on Monday, November 02, 2015 Rating: 5

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