4minute - Crazy Album Review

4minute is back with a bang. 5 member Korean Girl group 4minute released their 6th mini album Crazy, and best believe everyone is going crazy for this release. Now there are only 6 songs which includes the pre - released single Cold Rain. 4minute is one of my favorite girl groups so there might be a little bias in here but lets just jump into this review.

Unlike their last mini album 4minute World, which was pop based, this album is more hip hop based. I love it. This is why 4minute is such a great group. They can pretty much do any style and make it their own. Just like 2NE1. Both of these groups are great at experimenting with other styles. The only song that isn't really hip hop is Cold Rain but that is because its a ballad. I did a review of the ballad song which you can read here.

This is a good album. I'm going to give it a solid 8. I think they had everything down packed and it was great. The entire album flowed nicely. This album from the very start was able to get me off my feet. When the title song crazy comes on and Jiyoon does her little part in English and then HyunA jumps right in with her rap, I love that part. Every time I listen to it I instantly break out dancing. But the entire song and music video is great.

My favorite part of Cut it Out is actually the vocal part. I love it because it goes from like EDM and hip hop to pop in such a great transition. Plus its easier to sing. The song Show Me has that Wait a Minute effect from 4minute World. What I mean is that it makes you dance and clap and there is just something about it that makes it such a great turn up song. If you still don't get what I mean, listen to Wait a Minute and then Show Me. You'll get it after that trust me. Both of these songs are great for car listening. Tickle tickle Tickle is cool because its about wanting warmth and cuddling from a person you like. Stand Out is great. I really like the lyrics because they are more mature. 4minute consists of 5 females in their early 20's. They don't really cater to the shy and sweet girls but the more adventurous and tomboyish girls. That is why I love 4minute.

I really am happy with this album because not only is it good but 4minute has started to produce their own work now. HyunA, Sohyun, and Jiyoon have written lyrics and produced the music for the songs. This is a good thing because 4minute is becoming more independent. Now I'm just waiting on SISTAR to do the same. But this was a great album. I have the digital version but I can't wait to get my physical version. By the way I ordered a physical copy of Me? by HA:TFELT. I can't wait for it to come. 4minute did a great job with this album so I hope you guys enjoyed it and all the 4NIAS rejoice in celebration.

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4minute - Crazy Album Review 4minute - Crazy Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, February 16, 2015 Rating: 5

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