Watching Bad Movies: Gayniggers From Out of Space (1992)

The title of this film is Gayniggers From Outer Space. I thought it was just Reddit making another racist joke and decided to include gay people as a bonus. Then I saw a comment of someone saying "Holy shit, it's real." So I turned on private browsing just in case this was some gay porn and the joke had gone too far. Nope, over 100,000 pages all about a movie from 1992. Gayniggers From Outer Space is a real movie. It's a Blaxploitation film, I love those. But, I don't think I'll love this one. I don't really want to watch this one but I do it for your enjoyment. Nobody else will if I don't do it. It's a dirty job so like Jason Todd, I'll be the one to do it and then get called a bad guy. It is a rather hard to find film, but luckily there's been some bad quality versions uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. You'll have to search for yourself because I don't want to explain "Gayniggers" in my browsing history. Well, I grabbed like a handful of popcorn because it's only 26 minutes and there's no need for a bag. Scrap the popcorn. I don't want to throwup watching this movie.

The first thing I notice is a logo for the GNAA which is the Gay Niggers of America Association. For those of you who don't know, it's a group of trolls. You know the guys who say a ton of racist and homophobic things just to get under your skin then say "U Mad Bro? It's Just Jokes" or some other crap like that. But fuck em, I'll watch the movie anyway because I knew I was walking in to some bullshit already.

The film follows a group of gay black men on a ship called the dildo. The Gayniggers come from the planet Anus and are said to be very smart. However they speak in broken English. They're also afraid of women. We're 8 minutes. Apparently black men can give birth. They keep saying "Gay Agent schoo" but I swear it sounds like "Gay Asian School."

They're using footage from the Detroit Riots to show what Earth looks like. C'mon now. The Gayniggers have decided that the only way to fix Earth is to kill all the women. It's not just the black people the movie goes after. They're after every other non white nationality.

I noticed something good. You know how the Wizard of Oz starts out black and white and slowly transitions to color? That's happening right now. The more women they kill the more colorful the picture gets. Why is this a thing?

The leader is known as the Lord of The Brown Rings. Are we serious here? I reiterate this is a real film.  They have to stick their hand in a star fish's ass to determine who will lead the men on Earth. One of the Gayniggers turned into a feminine white man. We've got full color now that there are no women on Earth. Apparently that automatically makes everyone gay now and nobody is traumatized. Because that's logical.

Dildo of the crew is now the gay ambassador to the Earth and is tasked with receiving the Gaynigger seed. It's milk poured on his head. "Wherever there is a male race or life form that is oppressed by females we will come and free them for a gay universe" Who wrote this? I like females opressing me.

The movie has credits, allow me to look up these actors names and find out where they are now. There was nothing  but a life in baggage claim left for anyone who had a role in filming this movie. Fun fact, Captain Big Dick was actually played by a woman. The movie was also filmed in Denmark because we know this would never fly in America, right Fox News. Also the company who made it went out of business after producing a pilot for a comedy show. If it was anything like this film, it probably wasn't funny.

I didn't laugh but I wasn't really offended. It's one of those things where people try too hard to be offensive so they're left looking stupid. Honestly, gay people should be more offended than black people. The only black joke was everyone had fucked up teeth because Captain Big Dick had a luxurious perm on her. Either way it's still trash.

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Watching Bad Movies: Gayniggers From Out of Space (1992) Watching Bad Movies: Gayniggers From Out of Space (1992) Reviewed by Darrell S. on Monday, January 19, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for the review. I was curious about this movie for decades but never watched it because of my side eye reflex. Now I know it ain't shit.

  2. With any luck, there will never be a remake.

  3. I just watched it. Its kinda funny. Doesn't sound like they are "trying" to be offensive like the author says. They are just being silly. Its kinda like lucky lager, its not good, but its not bad.

  4. This article is beyond amazing. Thanks you for this insightful piece


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