That Time New Jack Almost Killed a Guy

When I started putting this list together it was going to be most gruesome moments in pro wrestling. In the end it turned out that three of the entries were New Jack. So in New Jack fashion I said "Fuck it, it's all New Jack." So I put together a list of people New Jack almost killed in wrestling. Now, New Jack is a convicted felon and this list doesn't count the people he almost killed or did kill outside the ring. There was that incident at the night club when a guy was flirting with his girlfriend so he ran them both over.  This is just in the ring stuff I can find video of. I mean, c'mon this guy has gone to jail for matches before.

#5 Skull Cracking

Usually getting hit with a steel chair just knocks a guy a little woozy. Not when New Jack does it. New Jack actually cracked a guys skull and knocked him out cold. Maybe it was a freak accident. Maybe New Jack is just a master of destroying people with random objects. Rob Van Dam has hit hundreds of people with steel chairs and he never knocked anyone or cracked a skull. This video may not have been funny at the start. The fact that New Jack yelled "Put him back in the ring" is what made it funny. That guy could bleed out on the floor and you're trying to get the pinfall? It's New Jack, he wasn't going for a pin he was going to skin the guy to make leather and cut his body into pieces to be eaten later. New Jack uses every part of the body when he kills someone.  If you want to New Jack crack a guys skull the video is here.

#4 Mass Transit

ECW was crazy place. The goal was to use anything you could find to beat your opponent down. In 1996 they had a vacancy and a wrestler named Erick Kulas stepped in to fill the spot. While planning the match Eric told New Jack to blade him. For those of you who don't know blading is the easy way to draw blood. A small cut along the hairline that will bleed a little. New Jack went to blade Kulas and he flinched causing a deep cut. Kulas started bleeding a lot and New Jack asked "are you okay" then Kulas' dad yelled out "RING THE BELL, HE'S 17" that's when keeping it real went wrong. New Jack grabbed the mic and told the crowd "I don't care if he dies." Kulas tried to sue ECW and New Jack but because he lied about being 19 and trained he lost shortly after a jury found New Jack innocent.You can watch here.

#3 Stabbing 

New Jack stabbed a guy in a match just to keep the crowd excited and was charged with another felony for it but the charges were dropped because New Jack agreed to train him and take him on the road. New Jack left Florida immediately after and hasn't gone back. It wasn't really a match. New Jack just stabbed the guy and beat the crap out of him. His explanation was "He didn't know nothing, he just said do whatever you wanna do." Basically another guy who wasn't a wrestler tried to get in the ring with New Jack. They say New Jack stabbed him 14 times, but New Jack swears it was only 9 times. Either way, New Jack stabbed that guy and people just watched. Why would he lie knowing New Jack doesn't care. This was a decade after Mass Transit. You know New Jack will just beat you as long as the crowd enjoys it. This was your fault for being stupid. Hope you never get trained. It's dangerous. You can watch that here. You can hear New Jack talk about it here. He also talks Gypsy Joe, which is #4

#2 Gypsy Joe 

The previous 2 entries were untrained guys trying to wrestle. Gypsy Joe was trained to wrestle. He was also old as dirt. He also tried to manhandle New Jack in the ring. New Jack didn't like that so he beat him until he decided on retiring. The crowd started calling him "nigger" and throwing things at him. One lady even hit him with her purse. New Jack doesn't feel bad about this beating either. He didn't even want to wrestle Joe. The old man told him "I'm gonna teach ya haw ta wrassle boy" and went out there and punched New Jack in the face as hard as he could. Old man had it coming. Not really it was bad. You can watch here.

#1 Vic Grimes 

You knew it was coming. New Jack was actually trying to kill this guy but I'm completely okay with this one. A few years prior to this incident Vic Grimes tried to kill New Jack. In fact he managed to blind New Jack in one eye during the attempt. Someone thought it would be a good idea to get the two of them back together. In the match New Jack was supposed to throw him from the balcony and threw the tables to soften the landing. New Jack aimed for the ring post hoping to snap his neck and kill him. Luckily he missed. I guess that's good. The crowd went crazy because they thought it was part of the match. Meanwhile New Jack was upset because murder was his objective. You can watch here.

Luckily New Jack didn't kill anyone, in the ring. He's retired now so hopefully he never will but these are just 5 of the times you can say "Remember that time New Jack almost killed that guy."

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  1. try writing without bias next time

    1. FYI the Vic Grimes was revenge for back in the day when Vic and New Jack did a show and up a few stories to do some kind of fall and Vic got up there and said, "I can't do it, it's too high." and the NJ told them he wasn't going to chicken out on him and they were going on 3. When NJ got to three, Vic pulled back and NJ went and basically pulled him off the scaffolding. NJ hit the ground first and Vic fell on top of NJ cracking his skull.

      The insanely high scaffolding match you reference was NJ's way to try and get revenge for what Vic did back in the day. Vic didn't know it, but NJ had a taser and tased him and Vic was telling him "WTF did you do? I can't feel my legs man!" and that's when NJ threw him off the top of the cage. And you're right, he legit was trying to kill him.

  2. i dont understand really,,cause any real man wouldve kicked his freakin butt backstage 4doing tht cråþ he does,,,i dont see how he didnt get his åżż kicked..


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