BEAST - TIME Album Review

Beast did it again. They brought us a new mini album in light of their 5th Anniversary and it was great. This also marks Beast's second album out this year as they released their 6th mini album Good Luck back in June. 2014 has been a great year. Enough of this, lets get into the album.

There are 6 tracks on the mini album. The theme is the trials and tribulations of love as seen in the single 12:30. The music video for said song was spectacular. Each member as they sing is sulking over the loss of a love that ended so quickly. The love starts at 12:00, it transitions at 12:15, and at 12:30 the love has already ended and the two lovers move on. That's a pretty fast relationship. I've taken dumps that lasted longer than that. I digress though. This song and video is just perfect. The lyrics and the melody just flow together like butter on bread or time and space. Even though its a sad song, you can pretty much listen to it at any time of day. That's how great the melody is.

Things don't stop there because the greatness continues. The second song Drive is just as great. I can really relate to this song because I can drive myself. When I feel sad or just need to get away, I drive somewhere. I just need to get away and so did the gang in this song.  Below is a verse from the song

"I can’t sleep and memories of you won’t leave

Instead of tossing and turning in misery until the morning sun rises
I want to get out of my house that feels especially stuffy
So I took my car keys and left
The GPS turns on along with the engine
And in the list of favorites, your house is on top
As if I saw something I shouldn’t, I erased it all
My prideless heart is racing even faster"

This is my favorite part. This is when I knew Drive was my favorite song from the album. Its a Good Thing is next on the list and it is lovely. The beat and the melody are just angelic and it keeps you wanting more after the song is over. I also like how there is one steady beat until the second verse when the beat really picks up. "Even if I Close my Eyes" and "STAY" just keep it going. I love how stay is sort of a mix between previous singles Shadow and Good Luck. Its definitely dark but it also makes you want to dance. 

To finish off the album is So Hot. Its a hot song about first meeting a pretty lady and wanting to just kiss her all night. Its a really great uplifting song from the previous love songs. It definitely puts the cherry on top to a great mini album. In conclusion (feel like I'm writing an essay) this was a great album of 5 Star and a 10.0  grading scale. Maybe these are high because I'm a BIG Beast fan? Maybe B2ST had a really great album? Maybe the sun is reddish orange? 

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BEAST - TIME Album Review BEAST - TIME Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Rating: 5

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