Sailor Moon is Trash

Sailor Moon, one of the standouts of the 90s in both anime and manga. The original magical girl, often imitated, never duplicated. Ladies night was every night for Sailor Moon. No remakes, no reboots, the legacy lasts and is fully intact. It didn't need to tarnish the legacy with spinoffs and reboots like Naruto or Dragon Ball. It did so because it could. Still, it's trash. Here's a list of reasons why.

1. They're not Sailor Scouts, but Sailor Warriors. They just don't get any respect in that translation.

2. Sailor Moon is so annoying, she's always wining. Will you stop? I can't believe people complain about Deku.

3. People think Sailor Mars is a great friend to Sailor Moon, she's a straight up bully. I don't know where they're getting this. She takes every opportunity to destroy Sailor Moon's self-esteem.

4. The manga only has 60 chapters. One Piece would never.

5. Sailor Straights were trying to start a boy band and they don't even have music that slaps.

6. The anime is probably second to only Naruto in the amount of filler.

7. Tuxedo Mask was in college creeping on under age girls. She's in like 8th grade. Ease up. She can't even drive yet. Nobody even questioned this.

8. Villain of the week stories are bad when all the villains look alike. Every week is just a remix. Power Rangers never had this problem.

9. Why did most of the villains have odd color skin and pointy ears. What if they weren't villains? What if this was just profiling?

10. Why is Sailor Saturn so damn emo?

11. Neptune and Uranus certainly aren't cousins. Who cooked up this lie? Localizers cooked up this lie because they were uncomfortable with lesbians. Instead they just made everyone in America think the anime took place in Alabama. Roll Tide.

12. The Outer warriors are completely removed from two of the anime arcs, that were based on manga arcs in which they played key roles. How?

13. Whole lot of gender swapping going on. There's some LGBT romances and hi-jinx in the source material. The English version of the anime just straight up gender swapped characters or said they were cross dressing to get around this.

14. They pulled up with 200 episodes based on a manga with 60 chapters. How? None of that stuff is canon.

15. Tuxedo Mask is just Sailor Earth. He thinks he's too good for skirts? Jaden Smith wore a skirt and Tuxedo Mask thinks he's too good for one?

16. Tuxedo Mask just shows up and throws a rose at the end, but people stop like he put a gun to their hearts. Who is afraid of rose? Does every villain have an allergy?

17. Tuxedo Mask actually fights in the manga. He's actually plays a much larger role, but the anime creators felt like boys wouldn't watch the show, so now he's just there to distract villains. He should sue for the anime making him look weak.

18. Moonlight Knight stole his whole gimmick with the roses.

19. Naoka Takeuchi married Yoshihiro Togashi...and had kids with him. He just plays Dragon Quest all day. He doesn't actually work. That's why Hunter x Hunter is trash. She could do so much better.

20. Naoka never reached the same heights as Sailor Moon again. I blame being tied down to Togashi. She had to take care of the family, couldn't focus.

21. Every villain can be redeemed through the power of friendship.

22. The "Super S" season was so bad it got a section of defenses on Wikipedia and there was an actual website dedicated to defending it. This is all that's left of the site.

24. The only reason people are actually villains is because they were lonely. Lonely people aren't evil just sad.

25. Sailor Moon Crystal HAHAHAHAHAHA

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  1. I have to admit, I love Sailor Moon, but yeah, a lot of the stuff in the anime and sometimes the manga doesn't make sense.

    1. I can't believe also that people think that Deku is more of a cry baby than Sailor Moon.

    2. That's supposed to be her power, her emotions. That's why she's a Cancer

    3. Y'all aren't getting it. Her emotions are her power, that's why her zodiac is Cancer and she's the Moon Goddess

    4. Emotions are literally her power. And Usagi actually matured and grew as a character quite a bit (not as much as she did in the Manga, but still) she had motivation and desires and that’s what characterizes her. Deku is basically just: “I HAVE TO BE A HERO BECAUSE HERO GOOD AND I AM GOOD”. As much as I love MHA, it doesn’t really do Deku any justice when it comes to making him a relatable character, they just make him a standard good guy protagonist

    5. Emotions are literally her power. Usagi actually matured quite a bit (although, not as much as she did in the manga, but still) Admittedly, it could get kind of annoying at times but I think it added a bit of depth to her character

  2. Have to cosign this one 😤😂

  3. I don't like the fact that there are lesbians and gays, it's an anime for kids, why they need to put that?, why to put that believes in an anime if there are parents that disagree?, i disagree. I don't like too the romance in the serie, they are under-age, in the manga they make sex without being even married. The villains are demons, and boys are creeps with girls. They believe in luck but is ok because is in Japan

    1. Stop with the homophobic shit. Kids see LGBTQ+ folks every day. Not just on TV but in real life. If a kid is LGBTQ, that's just what it is. Hiding representation from them isn't going to do anything but leave them confused and thinking they're weird. That's not the case. If you're not trying to hide straight couples from kids why are you trying to hide LGBT folk? Maybe this is a "troll" post, and I hope it is because if you really think like that... well you've got a lot more problems.

    2. Exactly, there's literally nothing wrong with people loving people. Stop being homophobic. And I'm pretty sure the boys were not being creeps with girls, when was that?


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