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Keenen Ivory Wayans has made a lot of movies. His movies have made a lot of money compared to their small budgets. Despite that, almost every one of theme receives poor reviews. Jada Pinkett Smith described Keenen's skills as the ability to pull comedy from places it shouldn't be. She also said A Low Down Dirty Shame was her favorite movie to work on. The film also pulls in Charles S. Dutton from Roc and Salli Richardson from Eureka.

The film starts with Shame being smuggled into a hotel by his associate Peaches. He gets into a shootout with the people inside to reclaim diamonds. The shootout spreads through the hotel. Peaches hijacks a limousine and forces them to wait. Shame jumps through a glass window several stories in the air and crashes through the limo. It pulls away as police arrive and Shame hands over the diamonds.

Fast forward a few days and we're introduced to, A Low Down Dirty Shame Detective Agency, run by former LAPD Officer Andre Shame. He's began taking high risk jobs, hoping to die or feeding off the adrenaline. He does this jobs for little money to keep the bills paid. He could take other better paying jobs but it's the rush that keeps him busy. In the case of the diamonds, they subtracted the cost of a window and limo from his already small payment.

Shame is visited by Sonny Rothmiller, an old friend. Previously they had worked together to kill Ernesto Mendoza, a Mexican drug lord. However, all of their other squad mates died prior to that. Shame left the force after that and began his own agency. Sonny has brought information that Mendoza is still alive. He tells Shame his ex Angela is involved. Angela was Shame's girlfriend, but also Mendoza's girlfriend. She recently escaped witness protection and moved to LA. Shame doesn't want to agree but does take the case.

One of Mendoza's top lieutenants is Luis, a former friend of Shame as well. Shame tracks him down and tells him to send a message to Mendoza. Luis meets with Mendoza and warns him that Shame is coming. When Shame gets home he's ambushed by Mendoza and his men. Mendoza has gotten plastic surgery to change his appearance but Shame recognizes the voice. They beat Shame unconscious. When he awakes he goes to the only place he'll be safe, Peaches' apartment.

Peaches patches Shane up and cleans his wounds. She wants to know why this is the only way she can hold him. She loves him, and wants him to give her a chance. She thinks being 22 now means she's an adult and he shouldn't have a problem, but in his eyes, she's still that 16 year old kid he arrested. He makes the excuse that they've got nothing in common and picks a fight so she'll leave him alone. She lets him sleep in her roommates room. Her roommate, is Waylon, an effeminate gay man who cuddles with Shane all night. They have a very rough introduction.

In the morning Shame sends Peaches to track down Angela. She finds her favorite perfume and gets an PO Box address from the store manager. She heads to the post office and uses that to track a store she has made a purchase at. Shame heads to that store and tracks down her delivery to a spa. Shame finds out Waylon works there and runs off his boyfriend by pretending to be Waylon's other boyfriend so Waylon will get the address. Shame reunites with Angela who has unfortunately been found by Mendoza as well. Mendoza wants her dead for turning against him and helping the DEA.

After escaping Shame leaves Angela with Peaches. The two don't get along at all. Peaches realizes Shame is still in love with Angela. Angela taunts Peaches for following Shame like a sick puppy. Meanwhile Shame cleans himself up for the first time in years. Shame's first order of business is tracking down Luis. He makes Luis think he will torture him for not giving up Mendoza's location and lets him go inside an abandoned warehouse. Luis thinks he finds an exit, in reality, it's a white power meeting. Shame pretends to rescue him to get the information then leaves him.

He meets Mendoza at a club and they have a discussion. On the way in Waymon spots Shame but doesn't think it's him because he's dressed well. Mendoza uses his date as a human shield and a Mexican standoff is had. Wayman hears gunshots and calls out Shame. Shame turns and sees Waymon. Mendoza realizes he knows Shame so he takes a shot. Shame dives in front of the bullet saving Waymon.

When Shame returns to Peaches, she has let Angela leave. Shame tracks Angela and realizes she is the one who ran off with the 20 million that went missing all those years ago. We also see Sonny meet with Mendoza, and learn Sonny was the bad guy all along. Shame goes to a hotel with Angela and she attempts to have sex with him. However, he gets a call from Peaches who has been captured by Sonny and rushes off to rescue her. Angela realizes Shame is no longer in love with her and tags along too.

They meet at a shopping mall to make a swap, Peaches for Angela. However, things don't go that simple and shootout spans the mall. During the shootout Sonny confronts Angela, not understanding what Mendoza and Shame see in her. Luis attempts to stop Sham with dogs, his biggest fear. However, Shame escapes by singing James Brown songs, something he heard from Peaches. Eventually Mendoza captures Peaches and is forced into a fist fight with Shame. Shame wins and the police arrive to confiscate the 15 million Angela stole. Peaches says there was 20 million. Shame says she's wrong. He asks Peaches why he only gets to hold her when she's all cut up. She finally gets her kiss from Shame and they made 5 million dollars.

The film has got a great balance of action and comedy. Shame is full of jokes and one liners but he's not the only one. Sometimes the joke is on him. Despite all the comedy, the action isn't comedic. It's the standard over the top action you'll get in 007 or Die Hard.

It also shows that everyone has their own strengths. Shame is a washed up detective who can barely take care of himself, but he is a great detective and can handle a fight. Peaches is a loud mouth gossiper, but she's always finds a way out of tough situations. Even Waymon who has no business in a fight manages to charm anyone, even Shame was willing to take a bullet for him after there terrible first impression.

I'll admit, this movie holds a special place in my heart alongside Major Payne. The reason being is I would always watch those two with my father. We both just loved those movies, and I still watch them today. Even as an adult I would go over his house sometimes, just to watch one of them. If I see them on television, I stop and watch. If I haven't seen them in a while, I'll pull them up. I'm not saying it is a perfect film, but it is perfect for me.

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