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It's not a secret, Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah don't make bad movies. You can try to prove me wrong but that would be pointless. Then you put them in a movie together and you get a certified classic like Set it Off. There's no reason you shouldn't go back and try again with them. Except this time you're going to add another legend in with Regina Hall and just for good measure, newcomer Tiffany Haddish. But instead of robbery, they're going on a trip, and that's how you get Girl's Trip.

Ryan Pierce is on her way to being the next Oprah with her lifestyle tips and the perfect relationship. She gets offered a chance to be the keynote speaker for Essence Music Fesitval (if you know you know). Missing her friends from college, The Flossy Posse, she invites them all to attend with her. Her former best friend Sasha has gone from a journalist for Time Magazine to gossip blogger. Things aren't exactly going the greatest for Sasha right now as she's struggling to sell stories, the bills are backing up and even her car is up for repossession. Lisa is a nurse and she's completely focused on her children. Since her divorce several years ago she hasn't dated anyone or had sex. Lastly is Dina, she's wild, that's all I've got, that's all you need to know.

Sasha gets a picture of Ryan's husband Stewart kissing another woman. The girls try to keep this from Ryan as they decide how to handle it. Dina accidentally tells Ryan and she pretends she isn't bothered and claims they're in counseling to fix their relationship. When they see Stewart in the hotel Dina breaks a bottle and threatens to kill him and assaults a milf that isn't really a milf. Dina is banned from the hotel and the others leave with her. Ryan isn't backed up by her husband as she tries to use her celebrity to save Dina. They end up in a busted down motel that is home to prostitutes.

The women go out and try to have some fun where they run into Julian, a musician, and old friend. Ryan tries to hook up with Julian but he refuses, not because he doesn't like her, but because she's still married. Lisa goes with one of Julian's band mates, a young man named Malik. She was pushed towards having sex with him by her friends who felt she had become wound too tight. However, when she's the size of Malik's penis she instantly backs out and tells the girls she wouldn't even try oral. Julian gives the ladies his hotel room so they don't have to sleep in the motel.

The next day Ryan and Stewart host a cooking segment that almost goes well. Stewart's side chick shows up to the segment. Despite the controlled outburst they get an offer for a television show and the investor wants to meet with them later. Before the meeting that night, Dina drugs all the girls so they can have some fun like they used to. They all hallucinate with Ryan spending the entire meeting mean mugging a waitress she thinks is Stewart's mistress. Lisa talks to her children in the club, Dina believes she can fly and Sasah gets it on with a lamp. Once they realize they're hallucinating they snatch Ryan out of the meeting, but the agent is hallucinating too.

The girls try to dance off their high and get into a dance battle with with Simone and her friends. Eventually it just turns into a bar fight. The police get called and the girls try to flee out the back. Eventually Julian smuggles them out with the band. That night Ryan and Stewart get a multi-million dollar deal to be the spokespeople for a new cooking line. Ryan and the girls go out to celebrate at one of Julian's concerts.

While there Simone tells Sashsa she's pregnant with Stewarts baby and he won't return her calls. She offers Sasha the story but she refuses to run it, although she does consider it because she needs the money. Meanwhile, Stewart convinces Ryan to take her back. Simone does get her story online and Ryan assumes it was Sasha who told which led to all the girls getting into a fight. Sasha believes Ryan doesn't value her friendship. Ryan thinks Sasha is jealous because she never did anything with her life. Dina thinks Lisa talks to everyone like kids and Lisa thinks Dina needs to grow up. They split up and call it a night.

Dina goes to Lisa and admits she needs to grow up. Lisa apologizes for treating her like a child and they're good again. The go see Sasha who has already pulled her blog off the internet after seeing what celebrity gossip does first hand. Together they go watch Ryan's speech still wanting to support her. During the speech Ryan pretends they have a perfect relationship until she sees her friends. That's when she reveals everything. Stewart has been cheating on her since day one and lying to keep up a public image will destroy you inside. The crowd gives her a standing ovation and they all promise to support each other. Ryan takes the deal, but with Sasha, and starts dating Julian. Lisa loosens up a little and Dina makes some adult changes.

Girls Trip was the first time that a film written by a black woman grossed over $100 million. This was all done on a $23 million budget, cementing Tracy Olvier's name in history. Critics were admittedly mixed with some calling it a great film and others a rehashed cliche. Constant comparisons were drawn to Bad Mom's Club and Bridesmades. However, some viewed the film as refreshing and praised it for avoiding the standard trope of buddy trip films. The film was also written off and expected to be a financial failure as it premiered alongside Dunkirk from Christopher Nolan and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, starring Rihanna. Personally I attribute that to predictors not understanding the power of this black cast. Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, Mike Coulter, Larenze Tate, Kofi Siriboe and Mike Epps. All of these people have starred in multiple successful films or TV shows but weren't expected to do well at Box Office because often times, the people making these predictions don't look at black films.

It's a great film. it's hilarious from start to finish but there's a message in there as well. Don't cheat. The other message is that sometimes friendships fall apart and people grow distant. That doesn't mean that those friendships can't be rebuilt. If you were really friends and you're true to yourselves those friendships can always come back.

Beyond that, it's just gut busting laughter. I cried tears when Dina said she was coming from a place of love because of the drugs, but Lisa claimed hers had worn off and threw a punch. If you don't take anything away from this film but the laughter, it's worth the price of admission.

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