Game Review: Spider-Man - Silver Lining

We've had a lot of fun with Spider-Man on PS4 this year. I mean a lot of fun. Insomniac even caved to the wishes of a few and threw in the Toby Spider suit. Still no words on Andrew's yet. We'll have our revenge in the sequel. Silver Lining is the final DLC of the game and now features Silver Sable going to war with Hammerhead. Be warned, there's spoilers as we dive in.

This one picks up almost immediately after Turf Wars with Hammerhead roaming the streets. He's stolen more of Silver Sable's tech and she's come back to the city to kill him and take it back for her homeland. That's the main story and it's pretty straight forward, the more important details take place beyond the main story and set up the sequel.

Mary Jane is going to cover the civil war in Silver Sable's homeland. Miles finally puts on a Spider-Mask and gets some web shooters. Black Cat didn't actually die. The big plot twist is with Yuri who was fired after the Turf Wars DLC. They're jumping right in making her The Wraith shortening the arc of her comics counterpart. I'm all here for it.

Of course they continued to up the difficulty. Brutes with machine guns wasn't enough. Now they've got armor. There's also more of the crazy missions where they send you to protect an object or location while sending mobs at you simultaneously from different directions. But, to be honest, this was a lot easier than the other DLCs so maybe they heard the complaints after all.

That doesn't change the fact that it was still short. $20 for 3 DLCs doesn't seem like a bad deal and that might be why they're so short. I do feel like a lot was pushed into this DLC at the last moment even if the threads were already there. It just feels weird that every single thread got wrapped up neatly in a little bow within the maybe 2 or 3 hours it takes to complete the DLC. Still an incredible game and I can't wait for the sequel.

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Game Review: Spider-Man - Silver Lining Game Review: Spider-Man - Silver Lining Reviewed by Darrell S. on Wednesday, January 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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