Game Review: Spider-Man (2018)

This is what you've all been waiting for isn't it? Well, it's a great game. You can really stop reading there because I'm not going to say many bad things about it. Judging by the sales, everyone and their mother bought the game so you've probably already played it. That is, unless you don't have a Playstation 4. In which case, I'm sorry for your loss.

The game follows an adult Peter Parker. Something I've been wanting for a long time. Peter is a college graduate who is working for Dr. Otto Ocktabious. Together they've been working on creating new prosthetics. If you've ever read a Spiderman story before you know where that goes. Meanwhile after the arrest of Wilson Kingpin Fisk the city has a power vacuum and everyone else is looking to claim the throne.

I've been playing this game since day one. Unfortunately I can't even give you that many details about the story. The reason being that I'm the kind of person who spends hours taking photos, grabbing collectables, just web slinging and of course fighting crime. I am the overachiever that has to grab collectables. The issue is made worse by the fact that I enjoy picking up backpacks for the cool info. The landmarks are a great tourist thing. Peter isn't a tourist but I am.

There's a lot of nonsense going around about Peter being a cop. Whatever, I feel like Spider-Man. Spider-man is a street level hero at his core. It doesn't matter how many stories you read about him getting left floating in space. At least he was there right? That's stupid if that's what you want I'm sorry you've been deceived. When I dive off a sky scraper head first and hit the street, rush over to pull a woman from a burning vehicle then lift another off of a man being crushed all while gathering information to learn the accident was caused by a group of thugs robbing the local bodega. Tracking them down and ending s high speed chase safely. I dont feel like a cop. I feel like Spider-man. That's the kind of thing Spider-man does most days and I love it.

The city is beautiful. There's not much else to say about it other than that. Reflections in the glass of buildings actually mimic what's happening below. Photo mode is always a welcome edition and with the design of this game you're going to be using it a lot. The alternate suits aren't just tossed in their either. Every last one of them is exceptionally detailed. You can view the fabrics on the Noir suit and the Ben Reilly suit. They will be completely different kinds of fabric but just as detailed as the main advanced suit. Spider-punks best will move in the wind as you swing. The armored suits are just that, armor and you can watch how it reacts different to the fabric suits. Every detail of this game's visuals is a joy to look at. But, people were worried about a puddle.

That's not even getting into all the details like web slinging feels better than any Spider-Man game before. I didn't even mention the constantly updating social media tab. The gadgets that make combat all the more fun. There's just so much good in this game and I haven't found any issue beyond a few graphical hiccups. If you read my Mass Effect: Andromeda review you'd know that isn't going to make or break a game for me.

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Game Review: Spider-Man (2018) Game Review: Spider-Man (2018) Reviewed by Darrell S. on Monday, September 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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