OnePunch Man Chapter 88 Review: WE TALKING LIMITERS BOI

"This chapter Review is mostly my rawest thoughts. There was a lot to take in and develop so here is what I just think from a subjective with a splash of objective opinion".

Garous is trying to protect his little friend Tareo. The relationship between them is sort of sweet. They meet when Garou was past out on bench and Tareo was reading the latest Super Hero Magazine. Since them they've been through quite a lot. Garous has saved him, taught him to stand up for himself while Tareo has seen Gaoru get jumped by 8 Heroes. As I thought, Tareo is what's going to bridge Garou from being a fight lusting demon or actually turning into a monster to be becoming either a Hero or Anti Hero. Through this awkward pairing we've seen Garou grow from being a complete deviant who we thought would be just another villain to a surprisingly good character.

Royal Ripper is testing Garou. In order to be a monster, which the Monster Association wants Garou to be, you have to throw away your human attachments such as love. Whether it be love or the natural sense to not kill someone, that is why Garou is protecting Tareo. He refuses and the fight continues but we switch over to Zombie Man whose talking with Genus about Saitama but it also appears to be useful in regards to Garou as well. Through this talk we learn ZombieMan is a creation of Genus from 10 years ago. House of evolution is hereby finished. Humans becoming monsters isn't just from eating those monster cells. Genetic mutations can happen due to anomalies as well as pollution that could change humans into monsters. Also the range of how strong they can get is usually determined by how much potential they have since birth but some are able to remove their "Limiter"

Humans are the same. Some train their whole life, others are born with powers or genius intellect, and very few like Saitama are able to, with zero potential become strong and break their limiters. So far, Saitama, Garou and I'm theorizing Blast as well have all broken or removed their "Limiters". These limiters who Genus theories were placed on humans by god, make sure humans reach their maximum strength or potential to survive. Going over that limit would turn them insane or kill them. Yet Saitama and Garou have done it without any physical drawbacks. Though Saitama lost his hair and can't feel what's its like to experience a real fight. He feels alienated because of this.

Back when Saitama saved Suiryu and meet up with King after, he had a heartfelt moment about how he never experience the thrill of fighting because of how strong he is. He was genuinely misplaced and felt he had no path to continue on. I loved that moment. It was dope to see Saitama feel something than the usual joy. This is why he's my favorite character. It shows that the truly is, regardless of how much power he's obtained, a regular joe.

Garou on the other hand has been defeated by Royal Ripper as Tareo was used as bait by Sludge Jelly Fish. Its weird seeing Garou defeated after he survived being jumped by 5 heroes while he was sick and then went on to escape the wrath of Bang. This chapter was dope. We also found out that Lord Orochi was once human yet became a monster due to Gyoro Gyoro. Lord Orochi, the most feared Monster was once human. The levels and parallels to humans and Monsters is great. With this chapter we got so much information that speculates to what is to come next.  Maybe a Saitama and Garou team up is near since Garou needs help to get Tareo back.

OnePunch Man Chapter 88 Review: WE TALKING LIMITERS BOI OnePunch Man Chapter 88 Review: WE TALKING LIMITERS BOI Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Sunday, February 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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