Flame of Recca Volume 24 Review: Reincarnation Is A Bitch

Chapters 228-237

We start the album talking about the Phoenix flame. We are reassured that it is the only flame of its kind to exist but also that Recca was born to end everything. He's going to end the Hokage Clans legacy as well as everything having to do with ninja and Madogu. Current era Japan has no use for them and he's going to get rid of it all. Before Recca departs, he is told the story of how Oka met the original Yanagi, Princess Sakura 400 years ago. I'm not surprised Yanagi is a reincarnation since her [powers were never explained and as it stands right now as we haven't finished the series, the author doesn't know how she got her powers either. I would have thought that Oka would have known since he seems to have the keys to success but he didn't and no one knows.

The assassination attempt carried out by the Hokage on Takasugi was sort of clutch. Kagero almost killed that fat bastard until that Koga ninja interfered. Kagero was badass, she had no fear. Not only that but seeing her, Reina and Oka on the battlefield was dope. People getting sliced in half, heads cut off, and people being burned alive was great. I was happy to see people killing people since the modern day Hokage seem to not know how to do that. Which makes me sad because we have this final fight coming up, will Recca kill Koran Mori or will he let him live like a dumbass?

Kurei visited his mother and we saw him smile. We saw Kurei smile like a normal person, like he hasn't killed tons of people since this series has started.  But him saying this may be the last he sees his mother is weird. I never thought Kurei would die at any point but if he's the sacrifice that kills Koran Mori, then let it be. Someone has to do it and it won't be Recca's bitch ass. Kagero sent word to the old crew from the tournament so they all showed up to help fight the lackeys while the main characters have mediocre fights with weak, fake strong characters.

This was a decent volume. The flashback was good but I didn't really care for the love Sakura and Takamitsu had. We didn't spend anytime with them so I didn't care for when they died. I was too focused on the good action we got from the war. Hopefully the next volume is dope. I say this every volume and only sometimes is it true.

Flame of Recca Volume 24 Review: Reincarnation Is A Bitch Flame of Recca Volume 24 Review: Reincarnation Is A Bitch Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, January 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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