5 Anime Guys That Cry More Than Deku

Look, Deku is my boy. He can be a little emotional and he cries a lot. That's the reason a lot of people give as to why they don't like him or he's a poor character. I would say that's valid but there's a ton of other guys in anime that cry a lot and nobody complains. What we're not gonna do is label Deku as a crybaby because you don't like him when you're trying to wipe the tears from the screen as your favorite character cries. So here's a list of 5 guys who cry more than Deku

1. Shinji Ikara - Evangelion

I know what you're saying. He went through a lot so he's allowed to cry. But, did Deku not got through a lot as well? He's got an absentee father, I read the manga, that guy isn't dead but never shows up. He didn't have a quirk and was bullied his whole life. He finally got a chance to be a hero and his idol is constantly on the verge of death. All this and Deku only shed some tears while Shinji shed tears and masturbated over a comatose woman so I guess Deku gets points for not being a pervert.

2. Joe - Digimon

I was going to put TK here because he cried the most. But, he was like six or seven when everyone else was like fifteen or sixteen. So I put Joe here because Joe continued to keep crying even as an adult. I get it man, everyone has to cry sometimes but damn Joe. Can I get a break. Even Gabumon is tired of the shit. Izzy is calling you out, Izzy of all people. The guy who never leaves his computer. Damn Joe, everything is not cry worthy.

3. Minoru Mineta - Boku No Hero

He's in the same anime. He cries so much that Deku frequently looks at him and wonders "is this what I've been doing." There's a scene where he just starts crying and freaking out and Deku and Tsu just stare at him. He cries non stop he's afraid of everything. I mean everything. But we're gonna call Deku a crybaby when there's a guy right next to him crying even more.

4. Naruto and Sasuke - Naruto

Oh, you better not be a fan of Naruto and talk about Deku. Naruto cries because he's lonely. He cries because Sasuke is lonely. Cries when Lee gets hurt. Cries because Sakura cries. He cries because Gaara is lonely. He cries when he makes a friend. He cries when Sasuke leaves. He cries when he needs to explain his ninja way. You don't think Naruto cries as much as Deku or more then you're playing yourself. Believe it. You know what, you can put Sasuke in here too. Itachi love me, Itachi hate me, Itachi got cancer, I killed Itachi, Naruto my only friend, I wanna be Hokage.

5. Gohan - Dragon Ball

Gohan been crying since his debut. Doesn't matter what age he is Gohan is crying. Todler, teenager and adult. He gets those tears out and that's okay. The only one who cries more than him is future Trunks. But Future Trunks doesn't have the history of crying like Gohan. We see Gohan's entire life and he just cries and cries.

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5 Anime Guys That Cry More Than Deku 5 Anime Guys That Cry More Than Deku Reviewed by Darrell S. on Friday, July 14, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. When Deku cries in the series, I tear up to be honest. -Taiwan

    1. Deku isn't afraid to show emotions like some a lot of new main characters so I love him for it.

  2. Omg you put Mineta in this, so true though. XD
    (please use this comment and not the other, i would like to remain anonymous)

  3. Yikes, you put naruto and sasuke on this list, yet they have 10 times the amount of episodes and have cried less on screen. Deku cries for like 1 or 2 minutes everytime he cries, and there are a lot of times he cries. For me, there is a time and place for crying and deku cries way too much at the stupidest things.

    1. Nothing is too stupid. I've also noticed that most of his crying is in the earlier episodes. Plus have you seen Mineta. I love that perverted little prick but f%ckin chill. Also I love how deku shows his emotions.

    2. Just the guys for this one.

  4. I honestly like how the fandom and makers have turned how much Deku cries into a joke XD

  5. Akira Fudo (Devilman) belongs in the number one spot

  6. wow how is sakura not here bro


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