Flame of Recca Volume 14 Review: Bautista Would Be Proud

Chapters 128-137

So this volume of Flame of Recca is pretty decent. I enjoyed the entire altercation and fight between Fuuko and Mikoto. Mikoto may be the most savage fighter we've seen besides Kurei. She's also probably the only villain I like that isn't Raiha and Kurei. She is bad to the core and that causes for great moments. I do wish there were more physical interactions but this fight relied on the story. Fuuko winning but then ended up losing due to Mikoto's cheating but to them go briefly insane to break Mikoto's arm in the name of Keishu's father was purely great. Keishu applauding Fuuko was hilarious but someone please remove these children. They are definitely scared for life.

When Fuuko was poisoned and Kashamaru appeared with the antidote, I got pissed. I thought that he was going to swoop in save her but lucky that didn't happen. I will say that no matter how strong fuuko and Team Hokage are, they are still too damn naive. Fuuko could have won the fight early on if she din't believe Mikoto's false apologies. And the power bomb Fuuko gave Mikoto was top notch. Bautista would be proud.

Throughout the volume we're getting shorts glimpses of Recca during his training and it seems he continues to forget everything he's worked hard for. The man is a plain dumbass and the author will continues to have him pull shit out of his ass to save the day. Honestly, this training arc id worthless if Recca doesn't learn to be responsible for his actions and to take things seriously. He can have all the power but he'll still get his ass beat in the first half of the match and make a John Cena comeback.

Now the last match of the volume is Joker vs Kaoru. The match doesn't end in this volume but it should have. The entire time we literally have Joker playing games with Kaoru until he finally figures out what ability Joker has. The ability to control gravity is cool but all Joker does with it is change Kaoru's weight. Kurei tells the story of how he meet Joker when Joker fought Jisho for 2 days straight. If that's the case, Joker could end it any time he wants but he plays too much just like Kaoru, who isn't taking the match seriously. Kaoru fights for Saicho but when Saicho shows up to the arena, which is bullshit, Now Kaoru is all strong and can figure out the sixth legendary from of the Kogan Ankin. Now, from the start of the series, I could tell there would be a sixth form and I was expecting him to find it during this fight but why wait until he finds out Saicho is okay? Saicho has been trying to die since he was introduce. Just let this man die.

This was a great volume but when you think about how long this series is, a lot of things in this volume seems very minuscule and forgettable. So if you saw Jisho and Joker fighting for two days, would you wait for someone to win and then swoop in to claim victory or run away?

Flame of Recca Volume 14 Review: Bautista Would Be Proud Flame of Recca Volume 14 Review: Bautista Would Be Proud Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, July 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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