Flame of Recca Volume 2 Review: Tokiya's Destiny.... Is Lame

Chapters 10-19

Volume 2 of FOR starts off happy as we get to see some interactions between the main characters as friends and not foes. It's all cool and fun until the next day after school where we meet Tokiya and his motives are struck hard into not only Recca's skin but also his brain. See, Tokiya wields one of the madogu, Ensui which is a water sword. This man has to carry a water bottle every where he goes in order to activate the sword. Laugh at him. So they get into this fight which Recca loses of course but the reason they are fighting is lame. The reason makes since to some degree as the longer Recca hangs around Yanagi, the more danger will be put in Yanagi's way. It makes a little since but the real reason Tokiya is doing this comes later. So after being destroyed by Tokiya, Yanagi finds Recca lying on the ground. She comforts him but he tells her that he can no longer be near her and runs away. The next day at school he ignores her which leads Yanagi to almost rip a ticket to the carnival until Tokiya slides his silky hair ass in and says he'll take her.

So far I've been enjoying the volume but its definitely going by pretty fast. So after Recca fights Domon and gets a speech from Fuuko, he heads to the carnival for Yanagi. Here in the palace of mirrors, we find Tokiya going insane. This man has gone so far with his obsession of turning Yanagi into his late sister, that he chops her locks off. How dare he? Yanagi tells him NO MEANS NO to which Recca burst through the mirrors to find them. I thought their fight here was pretty decent but I enjoyed it more in the anime. Recca must have picked up some brains along the way because he finally realized that a high level of heat and vaporize water. Long story short, Recca wins and he and Tokiya laugh over the fate of Yanagi which is weird because Tokiya has only known her for two days of which he was trying to make her into his sister and Recca has known her for about a month.

So Recca passes out after the fight and he has this dream which seems more like a flashback to when he was younger. Some elder is talking to Kagero who is obviously Kagehoshi. A young Kagehoshi who can get the D. Man she is beautiful. So time passes and Recca is in history class cause they talk about ninjas in history. They get a new teacher cause the previous is having a baby and this guy goes by Mr Tatesako. After class he and Recca bond over ninjas and he invites Recca to his house to show him some things. Sounds sketchy. At Tatesako's house, he reveals to Recca a scroll from the Hokage Clan, an old ninja clan that created tolls to fight and mastered fire to make up for their short comings. Recca realizes that Ensui and Fujin are among these weapons. Mr. Tatesako talks of a time warping ability that at this point we know is true because Kagehoshi, Recca's mother, has it.

Lead by Kurei, that creepy bastard with the mask, Mokuren and Koganei show up to to Tatesako's house and merks Tatesako's wife, Tatesako, Recca and they kidnap Yanagi. L's all around. I thought this was a pretty solid volume. We got tons of story progression and we meet what seems to be the Piccolo of the series in Tokiya. This manga is very fast paced which is good in some regards but because of that, we have no time to digest some of these moments. The manga is going to fast for us to care about these more important moments. Tokiya seems cool but his resolve is lame. I get he misses his sister who was killed by people trying to rob her for Ensui but there has to be more to his story. With Yanagi being kidnapped, things should only pick up from here. Hopefully things are slowed down so we can scout out things instead of being thrown so far into the mix. With this being said, I'm going to leave you wit a questions, imagine some one pulling a water bottle out on you in the middle of a fight, what would you do?

Flame of Recca Volume 2 Review: Tokiya's Destiny.... Is Lame Flame of Recca Volume 2 Review: Tokiya's Destiny.... Is Lame Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Saturday, March 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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