Free Comic Book: Raising Dion

Raising Dion is a new comic book from writer Dennis Liu and Jason Piperberg. The story follows Nicole as she attempts to raise her son Dion as a single mother. The twist is that Dion has superpowers. They change as he ages with him gaining new powers as well as losing old ones.

The first issue tells the story of how Nicole met her husband and became pregnant. After a strange occurrence while viewing the Northern Lights her husband gained super powers and presumably passed them on to Dion.

It's a beautifully drawn story with a story that hasn't really been done before. We've seen teenaged people with superpowers and adults as well. We haven't really seen a kid who is more concerned with cookies and iPads than solving crimes. It's also understandable that Dion could go either way. He could save the world like Miles Morales or try to rule it like Black Manta. You don't really know.

The best part about Raising Dion is the first issue is 100% free. You can pick the first issue up for free courtesy of Dennis Liu at his website. If you want to give the creators some money to make a second issue you can purchase a physical copy from Indy Planet.

Lastly you can check out the live action trailer for the series which is expertly filmed.

Free Comic Book: Raising Dion Free Comic Book: Raising Dion Reviewed by Darrell S. on Sunday, August 30, 2015 Rating: 5

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