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For The Seeker is the third Studio Album by Japanese Alternative Rock Band Jinn released in 2013. For The Seeker comes 3 years after their second mini album Engine and five years after their second full length album Qualia. This album was long awaited and proved why Jinn is one of the best bands as well as my second favorite band. This is their best album yet hands down.

Jinn has always had a diverse sound ranging from indie, alternative, and little punk rock here and there. Their most notable sound is their alternative work. This is what makes For The Seeker shine. The lead single Rizing is sung in English by leader and vocalist Hitan. Pretty surprising since Hitan barely uses English lyrics. The song being in English isn't really a highlight but just something nice. Rizing sells for its instrumental. A sweet guitar riff and some powerful drums and bass is what sells this song.

The album covers everything from love to life to loss, to having fun. Kimi no Inai Sekai is arguably the best song on the album. Probably only second to Byakuya which comes before it on the track-listing.  Kimi no Inai Sekai is powered by Hitan's vocals and backed by the band to make a powerful ballad like song. Definitely one of my favorites. Byakuya is about searching for your place or meaning in life. Two of the best songs  on the album. Tonight is a short yet catchy song about letting loose and having fun. Mugen no Hikari expresses dispelling the sadness and believing in your actions.

The entire album is pure greatness. The lyrics, singing and instruments are wonderful. As a long time Jinn fan I can see the improvement and the new aspects to their work. They have crafted an album of all of their strengths that transcends their previous work. Not only that but the album has a universal feel that anyone can listen to. If you love rock, this is the album to listen to. This album is filled with eargasm songs. And if you are new to rock and want something not too hard, this is for you.

I give this album a 10/10. You can judge this score as me being biased but this is my honest opinion. Everything about this album was great. It is in my opinion one of the best albums of 2013. It is worth buying and I highly recommend this. I want this entire album played at my funeral. That's how good it is.

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Jinn - For The Seeker Album Review Jinn - For The Seeker Album Review Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, August 31, 2015 Rating: 5

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