Music Man Recommendations #1: Jinn ジン

This is something Tyrone Dismuke aka @GarserTheClown on Twitter is doing. Every two weeks I will recommend you a Japanese, Korean, or American artist who I think is really good. I always wanted to do this and now I am finally going to do it. My goal is to expand the genre of music you guys listen to so lets hope I do so. They say you can understand a person through the music they listen to so you guys will basically understand how I feel outside of anime and wrestling. Well Lets get into this.

What is Jinn? Jinn is life. Not to be mistaken with Gin the liquor but Jinn the Japanese Alternative Rock Band. I first found out about Jinn When I started to get into anime and Japanese music. The fourth opening to the anime Blood+ is Raion by Jinn. The song was so chill yet it got you to move around and sing as well. From then on I listened to it everyday until I found more Jinn songs. Shishi no Tane, Kaidokou Funou, Mei, Mikoto, Katatsumori, and finally Sou no Te. I really fell in love with Jinn after listening to Sou no Te. That song makes me scream until my tonsils want to burst. But not really because if my tonsils burst then I'd be dead. Tonsils are no joke

So I finally decided to download an album. Now I got into Jinn in 2010. Their first album Lemmings came out in 2007, their second album Qualia came out in 2008, the mini album Kotosabi no ki came out in 2006, and their second mini album Engine came out in 2010. Of course I downloaded all of them at once and it was one of the best experiences ever. I went on an emotionally and spiritual journey with Jinn. The lovely voice of the lead singer Hiitan is amazing. When she sings you listen and you can't stop until the song is over. The drums, guitar and bass are always on point to where you can move in sync with all of the instruments. Jinn has a wide variety of songs for you so you never get bored. There are happy and up beat songs like Otenkiame, Sou no Te, Optimist, and Tonight. Slow songs like Byakuya, Mikoto, and Kimi Inai no Sekai. And finally songs that make you feel and think like Someday, Mei, and Hakuyuko.

Last summer Jinn came out with their album For The Seeker and it was perfect. I went through every emotion possible listening to this album. The leading single RIZING is a sad love song but the instrumental makes you want to dance and sing the song. Its also in English so that's a plus. For The Seeker is their best album yet and I know that this will not be the last. I can't wait for whatever comes next. Now the real question is, will you listen to Jinn? Jinn and another Japanese band (I'll get to that band later) are the reason I listen to rock period. I promise you that once you listen to Jinn you will fall head over heels for them. This is it for now guys. I'll be back in two weeks with another recommendation so don't miss that.

Music Man Recommendations #1: Jinn ジン Music Man Recommendations #1: Jinn  ジン Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Thursday, May 29, 2014 Rating: 5

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