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Music Submissions

From time to time we feature album or mixtape reviews as well as the occasional single. Terrence was kind enough to come up with some guidelines for submission. They're simple and shouldn't be hard to follow.

1. Send us an email with the subject line stating either "New Single" or "Album Review" to the email address:
A. For albums/mixtapes/LPs/EPs In that email give us a minimum 100 word summary about who you are as an artist and what the project means to you
B.  For a single, give us a brief description of the song
2. Send links to your music online. Send a link via Datpiff, Soundcloud, Bandcamp etc. Sorry but we don't want to risk downloading your album that you've attached unless it's a special situation that we've discussed. Also include links such as your website, twitter, facebook, youtube or even myspace.

3. Don't try to sell us your music or tickets to your concert. If you're going to send us your music just know that if we're going to review it, we aren't going to pay $9.99 first without a preview of any sort.

4. Be professional in your email. There's no need to tell us why you're the hottest rapper out right now. We don't expect it to have the grammatical accuracy of an ivy league student, just make sure it's readable.

5. When we're open for submissions we get a lot of stuff. We review everything and post or review everything even if we do do it a bit late.

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