Top 4 Songs of January 2023

Normally this is a top 10 list but this month I did not listen to much new music

Jeesh x Shofu - Rinse and Repeat

This song is not that new. It came out moths ago but I listen to it every single day. On my way to work, on my way home from work, in the bathroom, shower, and so on. The beat is bumping while Shofu and Jeesh trade bars about balling and so on. The song is infectious as I've never listened to a song the I have this one before. 


NewJeans - OMG

Speaking of infectious songs, new girl group NewJeans has had be in a chokehold the past couple of months. With their new singles OMG/Ditto, I don't know how to escape the group. Its all over Tiktok and I listen to it multiple times a day. I can't seem to stop myself from dancing even after only hearing a snippet of the song. I can spot it from a mile away like a dog. The group is the only string I have left to the kpop industry and I'm fine with that. 


Yerin Baek - F****n' New Year

I wasn't expectin ga new single from Yerin but I of coourse loved it. While everyone is bringing in the new year with new hopes and dreams, Yerin rejects it all. Its just another year with the same old scars and no new attitude. Despite the song being sad, I still have it on repeat.


 Kali Uchis - I Wish You Roses

Following the theme of sadness, Senorita Uchis drops a banger of wishing an ex roses. Its a nice number to croon to while thinking of the past. The velvety voice of the songstress coupled with the encapsulating beat make for a warm combo that won't wear down your ears. 

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