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Dragon Ball Super Hero Is What's Missing In The Franchise


I am 25 years old. I've been watching Dragon Ball since it started airing on Cartoon Network. I've seen Ball, Z, GT, Super and every single movie, special, played every video game on multiple consoles, and with this movie, I finally got what I wanted with the Dragon Ball franchise.

People criticize "Dragon Ball", more recently "Super", because its become the "Goku Show". While Goku is the main character, Dragon Ball has always been great at providing the side characters with depth and development. In "Ball" we see Tien and Chiaotzu transform from sociopathic villains to calm protectors of Earth. In "Z" we witnessed Picoolo become a hero that upholds Goku's morals while training his son to be even better than Goku himself. Even in "GT" Pan and Trunks traveled the universe with Goku. In "Super" we get none of that. It's heavily focused on Goku and Vegeta. The other characters we've grown up on rarely have their moments and are there for comic relief. On one hand its fine because the new threats are too powerful and being an alien ( Namekian or Saiyan) would be more preferred, but at the same time its sad to see characters that used to do damage just sit on the sidelines and watch. As a long time fan, you're forced to watch Dragon Ball be reduced to simply "What's next for Goku" instead of "What will the Z Fighters do next". 

I had no expectations going into "Super Hero". I just wanted to get drunk and watch a Dragon Ball movie. I sat down in my seat and was immediately blown away. The clips of Goku running through the Reed Ribbon army and the quick summary of previous arcs was cool. Once we're greeted with Pan and Piccolo training I knew what we would be in store for. My eyes were watering from sheer happiness. I could not believe in the 25 years since I was born, I'd be getting a Dragon Ball story that I was wanted. 

I always wanted something "Dragon Ball" related that focused on the relationships between the characters. Original Dragon Ball really cultivated great relationships with the characters. "Z" carried it on with adding new characters. I could watch "Dragon Ball" to see the fights but stay for how well the characters meshed together. Finally getting Pan in the series training with her dad's teacher while finally getting teen versions of Goten and Trunks left a huge smile on my face. In between the moments of action, seeing the characters banter with each other was priceless. It made my heart warm seeing Piccolo do mundane things such as pick Pan up from school. Gamma 1 arguing with 18 over Krillain and especially Bulma roasting Krillan were priceless  moments that I missed and loved. This movie highlights the wholesome and goofy side of the series that has been overlooked for the martial arts and planet busting ventures. This wholesomeness coupled with seeing Gohan return to his former glory of being a dope ass character that would save his friends no matter what was the best part. All the references to old move sets, storylines and atmosphere truly made this a Gohan story. A story that propels him back into the spotlight. He will always be the lovable, sensitive character that will go off the rails to save his family and friends. And to see his daughter following in his footsteps is beautiful. I'm watching the family I always saw runt to the way they used to be. This is what truly makes "Super Hero" a great film, its what truly makes "Dragon Ball" a great series.  Focusing on the development of characters that we know and love gave us reassurance that they do matter and play a crucial part to the story overall. 

Watching "Dragon Ball Super Hero" was like being a child in a candy store. Witnessing the fights, great animation, characters, and what could possibly come for the future of the series left many of us wanting to reread or rewatch the series when we got home. Making theories of what would happen next in the series like we're kids again. 

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  1. Jimmy here: I agree completely. The red ribbon army keeps fighting saiyans

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