Interview With Queen.BAWSE.Savage

Queen.BAWSE.Savage is a black wrestling fan who has been watching wrestling every since she was a kid. You can find her on Twitter @ringsideblerd

Here’s my exclusive interview with Queen.BAWSE.Savage

Kwame Shakir: How did you become a wrestling fan?

Queen.Bawse.Savage: I've been watching since I was a kid, around 3 years old. The over-the-top and larger-than-life characters plus the physicality just drew me in. My dad and brother watched and I just watched with them, much to my mom's chagrin, lol

KS: What chances would you like to see in the wrestling landscape that can make wrestling better again?

QBS: To begin, I wish wrestlers had more creative freedom with their promos. Stop writing them, at least for the ones most comfortable and proven on the mic. Second, I wish WWE did like AEW and didn't have so many PPVs. Give your talent time to build storylines that make sense.

KS: At least I noticed WWE will have 9 PPVs this year and all of them are on Saturday Night.

QBS: That's a start I suppose. I hope it lasts

KS: I know why they moved those PPVs on a Saturday Night because of AEW and Impact. What are things you like and don’t like about the current landscape of modern day wrestling?

QBS: The predictability. Edge once said in an interview that social media is a blessing and a curse for wrestling because things get spoiled so much easier now. I think about his return and Becky's return - people not knowing everything is still valuable.

KS: What are your top 5 favorite wrestlers ever?

QBS: Whew! That's a tough one - so much that I couldn't narrow it down to a top 5. I will say that Shawn Michaels is definitely there.

KS: What are your top 5 favorite wrestler themes ever?

QBS: In no particular order: Metalingus (Edge); DX (the RUN-DMC version); any version of Electrifying (The Rock); Sting's WCW theme; and a tie between Basic Thuganomics, The Uso's current theme, and No More Words

KS: My Top 5 Favorite Wrestler Themes Are 1) NWO Wolfpac 2) The Rock (2003 Hollywood Heel Theme) 3) Eddie Guerrero (2005 Heel Theme) 4) Booker T 5) Basic Thugganomics

QBS: Dang, I like all of those too! How could I forget about NWO Wolfpack and heel Eddie??

KS: The Wolfpac theme was absolutely πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯and it’s criminally underrated.

KS: What are your top 5 favorite wrestling matches ever?

QBS: Top 5 Favorite Matches are 1)Taker vs HBK: WM 25; 2)Banks vs Belair: WM 37; 3)Trish vs Lita: Unforgiven 2006 ; 4)Eddie vs Rey ladder match: Summerslam 2005; and 5)Flair vs Lynch from Evolution

KS: My Personal Top 5 Favorite Wrestling Matches are 1) Mr. Grim vs Fred Yehi at The Inaugural Pan-African World Diaspora World Championship Tournament 2019 2) Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at WM25 3) Finn Balor vs Pete Dunne for NXT Title at NXT Takeover Vengeance Day 2021 4) AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels for The X-Division Title at TNA Unbreakable 2005 5) Omega vs Okada IV in NJPW 2018

KS: What is your happiest moment as a black wrestling fan?

QBS: Hmmmm... every time a Black wrestler has won the main championship. Jade added to that tonight. But if I have to pick 1 top moment, Sasha and Bianca at WM, hands down. Close second is meeting Jacqueline during Wrestlemania 34 weekend. First time I ever cried meeting a wrestler because for the longest she was the only person I saw who looked like me. I had to make sure she knew what she meant to me.

KS: Bianca/Sasha is definitely my favorite all time women’s wrestling match because to see two black people let alone two black women main eventing a WrestleMania was unheard of, but this past year at WM37 Night 1, that finally became a reality when Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks main evented Night 1 of WrestleMania 37 and these two black Women absolutely tore the house down in the greatest women’s wrestling match in WrestleMania History. I absolutely love the story that was told in this match of Bianca’s superior athleticism, speed, and power vs Sasha’s superior ring tactical and being the phenomenal ring general that she is. Sasha puts over and elevated women far better than Charlotte and that’s a fact. Even though Bianca won The Smackdown Women’s Title, but it was both sistas and the black wrestling community that won on that night. This match is the most influential women’s wrestling match of the current decade and my favorite all time women’s wrestling match.

QBS: Everything you just said is EXACTLY how I feel about that match, too! Yes, I wanted Bianca to win the title, but they were both winners in giving their all and producing the greatest women's match in WM history, and possibly ever. I definitely have watched it more than Flair/Lynch/Rousey, and it only happened last year.

KS: What is your most hated black wrestling moment(s) ever as a black wrestling fan?

QBS: I have three: 1)Ahmed Johnson, 2) Booker T not beating HHH for the world title, and 3)VKM saying the n-word on national tv

KS: I absolutely hated #2 and #3

QBS: Oh, and both Kofi and Big E losing titles to Brock

KS: My most hated black wrestling moments ever 1) Super Becky buries Bianca’s historic run and momentum in 26 seconds at SummerSlam 2) Super Brock buries Kofi’s WWE Title run in less than 10 seconds 3) The Booker T burial at WM19 4) Super Brock Buries Big E’s WWE Title run at Day 1

QBS: #1 was the first time something in wrestling led to me throwing something in my home. I know it's entertainment, but that was such a BS decision and I was so angry. All 4 of them deserved better than that! Such disrespect!

KS: Bianca Belair had the most decorated year of any female wrestler that I had ever seen in my 20+ years of watching professional wrestling

QBS: No argument from me on that! Makes me wish she was still on SD to take down Charlotte

KS: Bianca became the first black woman to win The Royal Rumble, first of two black women to main event WM, wrestled at Rolling Loud, & won an ESPY for best WWE moment just for them to go to the creative bathroom & take a dump on all that for their Golden Karen aka Super Becky in an atrocious 26 second squash. They set her up even worse than Kofi because they falsely advertised her vs Sasha at SummerSlam right up until the match started.

QBS: FACTS! Bianca dominated 2021, and that's the thanks she gets?! And don't get me started on Naomi...

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