NJPW is Trash


1. That new championship belt is ugly as I don't know what. I take back everything I said about the AEW Women's Championship being ugly. This is the ugliest belt I've ever seen. It looks like the WWE Spinner Championship vomited out the WWE Divas Championship into a pool of acid that melted the pieces together.

2. IWGP is fake. There is no IWGP. They're a fictional governing body of NJPW. That is so corny, trying to make us believe it was some historic and honorable federation.

3. I'm not one of those people that believes 30 makes you old or anything like that. But, how can you keep calling yourself New Japan when your company was founded in 1972.

4. Their website is NJPW1972.com. You couldn't get NJPW.com? You've been at this since the early 70s. Who was in the office slacking? I bet they regret that one.

5. Does anyone want to talk about NJPW Music Group? I didn't think so.

6. They really let Tony Khan steal The Super Elite Clique Club or whatever they're calling themselves, right from under their noses.

7. Bullet Club could have been bigger than the NWO, now we got three or four different factions feuding in multiple countries, multiple companies and the entire story is being played out primarily on Twitter.

8. Strong style, might be just as dangerous as death matches.

9. They don't have their own game, but show up in everyone else's. Okada isn't in the Yakuza.

10. Those shoe collaborations are terrible.

11. Red Shoes is more popular than some of the wrestlers.

12. That booking can be, a thing. A whirlwind of WTF? Either one person is monopolizing the championship for over a year or it's being passed around like trash.

13. They only made 70k last year. Where is the rest of the money coming from?

14. People pretend to love New Japan, but it is very clear people only watch the PPVs so they can say they're so hardcore they stayed up late to watch it. The UK does that for every American wrestling PPV. You're not doing anything special.

15. Naito doesn't hold all the championships, all the time.

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