Powerbomb Jutsu #177 - Nasty Report 2021

WWE has fired 81 people this year, or 25% of their roster. IMPACT presents Turning Point. In the nasty report we discuss why Jay Lethal scares is the guy that scares women and can't read the room, Joey Ryan is an actor and Marty Scrull has reappeared, WWE 2k22 looks like trash and a match between Chris Benoit, The British Bulldog and Dynamite Kid. We're rambling more than usual this week so all that and more on the next episode of Powerbomb Jutsu.

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Powerbomb Jutsu #177 - Nasty Report 2021 Powerbomb Jutsu #177 - Nasty Report 2021 Reviewed by Darrell S. on Saturday, November 20, 2021 Rating: 5

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